ZGYQGOO Watch Winder Collector With LCD Touchscreen Display, Automatic Watch Storage Compartment, Watch Box

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Color: 3


  • ▼ 1. Watch winder module has 3 settings for clockwise, counter clockwise, and bi-directional rotation and multiple Turns per Day (TPD) settings: 650, 750, 850, 1000, 1950, 2100.
  • ▼ 2. Drawer storage compartment: Drawer storage compartment, easy to collect multiple watches, dustproof and more durable.
  • ▼ 3. LCD touchscreen display: Shows all information on the watch winder modes. Touchscreen option makes a setup process much easier.
  • ▼ 4. Powered by Japanese Mabuchi Motor, the watch winder box runs with a extremely low noise about 10db. The super quiet motor reduces annoying sound and won't disturb you when it works.
  • ▼ 5. Wood shell box with environmental protection Piano baking varnish , brilliant finishing and precision structure,internal with PU soft watch pillow bring you an elegant luxurious unique vision, smooth, atmosphere and quality with high-grade.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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