Yingeryaoyi Baby rocking chair Baby Electric Rocking Chair, Unisex 0-12 Months Music Rocking Chair, Simple Light Folding

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Brand: Yingeryaoyi


  • ★ Foldable and easy to carry, fold in one second, walk away, fold small, can be carried or put in the trunk.
  • ★ Release the mother's hands, the baby does not cry or make trouble, and the mother makes time to do her own thing.
  • ★Safety straps, but when the baby eats or interacts with the mother, it is safer and more comfortable.
  • ★ High-quality soothing music, comes with 7 chords, 3 scene music, can also adjust the volume, the baby is more likely to fall asleep.
  • ★The toy house can be disassembled, exercise the coordination ability of the baby's hand and eye, and drive the baby to play and play.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

Publisher: CAODANDE


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The five-speed uniform Asian balance balances the nerves, the baby's mood is stable, the sleep quality is good, the disease stimulates the baby's brain development, the power supply double drive, both battery and power can be used, and the battery is convenient for travel.

Product Name: Multifunctional intelligent electric rocking chair

Expanded size: length 79cm width 32cm height 61cm

Folding size: length 55cm width 24cm height 740cm

Suitable for age: 0-12 months baby

Material: jeanette, pearl cotton, steel pipe

Control method: intelligent control button

Ability development: emotion, vision, intellectual development, manual brain, grasp, sensory, hand-eye coordination, other ability development, interactive toys, hearing, parent-child communication

The small pendant will make a sound when it is stowed, and music will ensure safety. The baby can bite the mouth.

Battery specifications: four sections of the first battery, you need to buy your own

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