Xinyexinwang Cremation Ashes Casket Urn Cremation Ashes Urn for Adult, Phoebe nannan Wood Urn Casket Memorial for Human

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Brand: Xinyexinwang


  • Take comfort knowing your loved one's ashes will be laid to rest in an attractive and discreet display. Our wooden urns are truly timeless. Made of China's unique valuable Nanmu, they are a traditional choice and are easy to maintain.
  • Corrosion resistance: buried in the ground can not rot for thousands of years, so the Chinese emperor's coffin mostly uses gold nanmu.
  • Insect-proof: Golden nanmu has a scent of Nanmu, and its wooden cabinets store clothing books and calligraphy can avoid insects, so the royal bookcases are all set with gold and nanmu, modern and valuable books and souvenirs, as long as there are conditions to do the nanmu wood box.
  • The texture is fine and beautiful, exquisite and unusual: the golden wood is soft and soft, the texture is fine and smooth
  • The dimensions of this adult size urn are: 13" L X 8.6" W X 8.6 " D,A special keepsake verse that you will treasure for years.Holds ashes of loved one who weighed up to approx 200 lbs at time of passing

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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