XDHN Wheelchair Wheelchair, The Older Steel Structure Roller Trolley Folds Older Wheelchair (Color, D), A

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Brand: XDHN

Color: A


  • Perfect for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, this elegant and versatile wheelchair has removable pedals and foldable armrests and comfortable seats to ensure your comfort.
  • Four colors can be selected and carefully designed to ensure intimate hygiene, preferably classic carbon steel thick steel frames, high strength, not easy to age, the surface is sprayed, corrosion-resistant, rust-resistant, wear-resistant.
  • The front and rear double brakes and the still brakes make it easier for the caregiver to grasp the wheelchair driving situation. The parking brake is practical so that the user can get in and out of the vehicle and stop at any time. The large tire has solid abrasion resistance and a long service life and can adapt to different road surfaces.
  • The stable cross frame bears the weight of the car; the small wheel rotates in all directions and the action is more flexible; the thick, wear-resistant steel pedals are guaranteed to get in and out of the car.
  • Collapsible, you can easily carry your chair, the storage space is small, the wheel can turn and roll, you can change the route as you wish, the armrest is braked, which makes walking more comfortable and safe.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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