XDHN Wheelchair Wheelchair Easily Foldable, Reinforced Aluminum Frame Manual Old-Man Scooter Older Wheelchair

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Brand: XDHN


  • Perfect for the elderly or people with reduced mobility, this elegant and versatile wheelchair has removable pedals and foldable armrests and comfortable seats to ensure your comfort.
  • Non-slip handle design, humanized viewing, with reflective design of the night, improve the safety factor of the night travel, tapered design of the handle, add the non-slip texture, not easy to disarm; breathable cushion, removable, easy to clean, not easy to age; the storage bag can carry personal items.
  • The hand push ring adopts the concave and convex anti-slip design, adapts to the human body curve, the surface structure increases friction, the feel is more comfortable, does not slip and the wheelchair is better controlled.
  • The brakes are braking, the braking system is more sensitive and the brakes can be easily braked with a single squeeze, the force can be adjusted as desired and the brakes are more stable than similar wheelchairs.
  • Collapsible, you can easily carry your chair, the storage space is small, the wheel can turn and roll, you can change the route as you wish, the armrest is braked, which makes walking more comfortable and safe.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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