TRIXES 3D Carbon Fibre Vinyl Adhesive Wrap Sheet Roll for Car Vans Motorbikes etc - 1500 x 300 mm - Black - for

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Color: Black Textured 3D Car Vinyl


  • BUBBLE FREE; Self adhesive back with air channels, so air can escape during application
  • MULTIPURPOSE; 0.14 mm thickness, easier to apply on curved surfaces. It can be used for cars, motorcycles, mobile devices, spoilers, dashboard, interior accessories, glass, metal etc.
  • CUT TO SIZE; Trim & cut to any shape. Mask small scratches, cracks, etc.
  • STRONG HOLD; Remove and re-apply without losing adhesion and can be stretched when heat is applied
  • DURABLE; Carbon fibre vinyl is water resistant & UV stable for 3-4 years durability

Publisher: TRIXES


Unbeatable carbon vinyl sheet for your car

Give your car exteriors and interiors a new lease of life and mask scratches and scuffs with this highly versatile carbon fibre vinyl. Our carbon fibre-based vinyl sheet is self-adhesive and can be wrapped around body panels, side pillar bars, door handles, bonnets, dashboards and roofs. It combines robust strength and durability with a high gloss finish that reflects the light just like true carbon vinyl. What's more, it offers unbeatable hold yet can also be repositioned if required with just a small application of heat.


WHY CHOOSE CARBON VINYL?; Carbon fibre vinyl is the vinyl wrap of choice as it has the following key attributes:
High tension tolerance- Malleable and receptive to being drawn out and stretched
Incredibly flexible - It can be moulded onto almost any desired shape
Protective- Waterproof, and both UV and stain resistant
Long lasting- A semi-permanent adhesive solution to resurface your car interior/exterior parts
High temperature tolerance- Can withstand higher temperatures with minimal thermal expansion

NOT JUST FOR CARS; You will be amazed by the versatility of our vinyl which can be used on other vehicles like cycles, motorbikes and scooters, as well as smart phones and home tech like laptops and PC case's

FOR BEST RESULTS; - Ensure your surface area is clean and dry, free of any dust and dirt
- Measure the amount of vinyl you need, trimming a little extra in case it's required
- Press the vinyl down to the surface using a moderate heat source, such as a hair dryer to stretch over and stick onto the surface, smoothing it down with your hands. You can use a flat sponge to release any pockets of air that may become trapped underneath

DON'T DELAY; The 30-day money back guarantee gives you complete peace of mind so don't miss out!


1 x 1500 x 300mm Black 3D Car Vinyl

EAN: 5055804900310

Package Dimensions: 11.8 x 0.9 x 0.7 inches

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