Teenage Engineering OP-1 All-in-One Portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller

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Brand: Teenage Engineering

Color: Grey


  • Multiple Synthesizer Engines with Exchangeable Architecture
  • Built-in 24 Voice Instant Live Sampler
  • 4 track Tape Recorder with Variable Tape Speed
  • Colour Coded Vector Based User Interface
  • 2-Way USB File Transfer – MAC & PC Compatible

Binding: Electronics

Publisher: Teenage Engineering

Release Date: 03-09-2013

Details: Product Description OP-1 is the all-in-one portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller. With additional features like the FM Radio and an assignable G-Force sensor for motion controlled effects. With OP-1’s built-in Tape feature you are able to record everything you do on to the 4 tracks, with overdubbing, reverse recording. Synthesizer and controller The OP-1 comes with eight unique synthesizer engines. And eight quick selection keys for instant access. Tweak your sounds in real time and record everything to tape. All sounds are made up from the Engine, ADSR envelope, a dedicated Effect and a selection of LFO´s. All elements are fully exchangeable. Built in 4-track tape Record everything on the built in 4-track tape. Match the tape speed to the sequencer clock for some really nice overdubbing with changing pitch. Change tape speed while recording, or even record backwards in realtime. Switch to the 4 channel mixer and add some texture with the built in EQ and Drive. Mixer & Effects The final stage of your sound ends up in the Mixer. Here you set the Level and the Pan for all four individual tracks. Add additional Master EQ and Master Effect to the tape. You may also add some extra Drive and Master Level/Balance. Punch in some parameter changes with the Tape Tricks keys Memo 1+2. Drum Sampler Press the Drum key to enter Drum Sampler mode. Op-1 comes loaded with great kits, but if you feel that you want your own, just press the mic key to sample anything from the build-in microphone or line in. And if that’s not enough you just connect your OP-1 to your computer and drag and drop any .aif file straight to the OP-1. Drag and drop When plugged to a mac/pc using USB, the OP-1 shows up as a mass storage device. Ready for you to drag and drop audio files between your computer and the OP-1. The 4 tape tracks are available as well as sampled waveforms for you to manipulate. No additional software or drivers required, just plug and play. Colour coded interface The unique OP-1 colour coded interface with colour graphics on the beautiful OLED display is direct related to the four colour rotary encoders and the legend on the keyboard. Easy reading and a non-technical way to control and shape your sounds. Finally, you don’t have to be a scientist to use a synthesizer. 16 Hours Battery Power Playing at maximum volume you can travel over the Atlantic ocean two ways constantly making music on your OP-1 before it runs out power. And at the same time have over 2 years of stand by time. Sequencers OP-1 comes with three great sequencers, all of them created for instant live tweaks. Like the classic Pattern sequencer with the possibility to change direction on the fly. Or you may shorten the played sequence to only one repeated step that you can move around within the pattern. Super easy and ultra-creative. Tape Tricks This key lets you instantly explore OP-1's classic Tape tricks. Very useful when you do live mixes or feel to mess up the playback. Also used for basic tape loops. Use the Reverse key to change the playback direction or the Tape Break to stop the tape in a classic sounding way. All Tape tricks also works great while in recording mode. Mic / FM Radio The Mic / Input key are located next to the built-in microphone. Pressing this key let you switch to any desired input source. Select Microphone, Line In, the built-in FM radio or Out to In. Using the FM radio for example, you may record anything you hear directly to tape, direct to the sampler or why not use the radio signal as a modulator with the Element LFO. You may also use the OUT to IN option to bounce all tracks with effects, EQ etc. to one single track. Controller / Disk Mode The combined Album / Com key have two different functions. The Album mode let you record anything to a dual sided album. Use this to print your tape to a stereo track with your final mix applied. Then switch to Com mode and connect the OP-1 to your computer to transfer the file and mail it to a friend. The Com mode is also used when you need to turn your OP-1 to a MIDI controller. Box Contains OP-1 Synthesizer USB cable Plastic overlay

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