Schuck E-Bike Computer KT-LCD4 Smart Waterproof connector Display Electric Bicycle Kunteng 24V/36V/48V for E-Bike

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Brand: Schuck


  • 1. display of single journey time TM and total journey time TTM; 2. single maximum speed MXS and simple;3. AVS average speed display;
  • 4. display of DST single trip distance and ODO total trip distance; 5. KM / H or MPH real-time travel speed display; 6.Power assistant ratio (or accelerator) ASSIST switch function; 7.Cruise function;
  • 8.6KM / H power assistant push function; 9. display of the battery capacity indicator; 10.VOLT real-time voltage display; 11. engine operating power and operating temperature display;
  • 12.Display of brake status; 13.Starting up the password; 14.Copy of parameters; 15. automatically restore default settings;
  • 16. turn on the backlights and headlights; 17. erasure of data; 18.Fault code display; 19.Adjusting user parameters;

EAN: 5712450833552

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