Samsung WW80K5413UW AddWash/EcoBubble 8kg 1400rpm Freestanding Washing Machine-White

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Brand: Samsung

Color: White


  • Wash Load: 8.0 kg/ 17.60 lbs
  • Washer Spin Speed: 1400 rpm

Publisher: Samsung

Details: Samsung WW80K5413UW 8KG White Washing Machine.

Capacity: 8KG
Spin Speed: 1400RPM
Energy Rating: A+++
Noise: 53dB
Quick Wash Eco Drum Clean Diamond Drum Delay End Delicate's, cotton, synthetics, wool Ecobubble technology - The efficient ecobubbleTM technology mixes air, water and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate your clothes faster, helping you wash at cooler temperatures. Better for the environment and your bills!
AddWash - Innovative Addwash door allows you to add clothes to the washign machine in the middle of a cycle, whether that's a stray sock you missed, extra softener, or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.
Intensive Stain Removal - Add a 30 minute Bubble Soak to any of your preferred programmes at the touch of a button. Then let our unique ecobubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics to loosen tough stains - giving you a thorough and efficient clean after every soak.
The quiet Digital Inverter Motor gives you long-lasting, reliable performance. Less noise, less vibration and less wear and tear.
Smart Check is an automatic error-monitoring system that detects and diagnoses problems at an early stage. Using a Smartphone App, this useful feature provides quick and easy troubleshooting solutions, saving you from the inconvenience of unnecessary engineer callouts.

EAN: 8806088194646



Samsung stands on top when we talk about appliance brands. It will always present you with a new appliance that is great looking coupled with tons of features in it. Their appliances range from multiple home products to several vacuums and laundry appliances as well. You will get every product at their stores and online as well. Plus, what is great about these products? The long-time warranty it is in the best washing machine deals on Samsung. 

So have you ever longed to get a perfect appliance to be in your laundry that is having economy and luxury both at the same spot? Then Samsung is here to fulfill this wish. Hundreds of the latest, energy-efficient and style-endorsing models are available for your laundry in the Samsung washing machine series. The smart technology set up which will not only reduce your labor to zero but also will keep your expensive clothes daisy fresh after every single wash.

But try to keep all of the essential points in mind before you go for a washing machine for your laundry. Only by getting a feature-enriched and one of the best washing machine uk 2020 with a modest energy-consumption plan you will be able to enjoy all of the perks effectively and find your investment money-worth as well.

Here we will open up about a great invention by Samsung in washing machines, i.e., SamsungWW80K5413UWWashing Machine. In our view, this highly-rated washing machine contains all of the essential features that an ideal laundry partner should have. So, let us tell you about all the points in detail so that you may get a clearer idea about this model.


  • 8Kg capacity drum

An 8kg large-sized drum. Sounds great, right? It obviously is excellent because you have the ability to wash almost 40 t-shirts at a time and still get excellent results. Due to this feature, your work time will be reduced to a great extent.

  • Power 1400 RPM washing speed

A washing machine that supports 1400 RPM means it’s obvious that you will get a quick wash in just a few minutes if you are in a hurry. And yes, it will make sure to remove maximum water out of your clothes. After which, you can go for a tumble dry, and you are all done.

  • Quick wash function

If you want a fully functional washing machine with perfect washing and drying capabilities, then this washing machine is for you. It provides you full flexibility to add maximum clothes load and finish it in just 15 to 20 minutes. This cycle is labeled as a quick-wash system. Other than this, you can also customize the spins according to the nature of your clothes.

  • Eco bubble technology washing machine

Usually, this feature is not present in most washing machines, but in this, you will get it. This is one feature that makes this Samsung hefty washing machine a unique one than others. This technology mixes air with water and detergent, and these bubbles are promising to penetrate the clothes and give excellent cleaning of stains.

  • A+++ energy rating

Luckily this washing machine stands on top because of this feature. It has got a storm of positive ratings from the users. It promises to keep the water and energy consumption as much economical as possible. What you think is a good point? Yes, of course, it is because it will reduce your monthly expenditure.

  • Washing and spin rate

Here comes the perfect Samsung creation with extraordinary washing and spin rate of 53db and 74db. With this, your washing experience will increase to a great extent, and you will never be disappointed with the quality of washing. In comparison to other models, this washing machine is also a superior one in this aspect.

  • Less noise and vibration

With less noise and vibration, what comes into your mind? Of course, a peaceful environment of your home while washing as well. This advanced quality washing machine comes with a great built digital inverter motor that promises to reduce sound and vibration intensity while washing or spinning. 

  • Smart check

Wait, wait, wait, we are not done yet. This machine is so uniquely designed that it will reduce even the minimal error ratio. At the very early stage of any error, it will notify you by giving some alarm, etc. With this feature, you have an opportunity to troubleshoot the issues as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is this a hot feed machine or a cold feed machine?

This washing machine is specially designed to be a cold feed machine. So you cannot go to a hot field also there is no need for it. All thanks to its incredible wash technology even in the cold feed.

  1. Is the washing machine has a manual in English?

Luckily the manual coming up with this best portable washing machine UK is written in different languages. Due to this, many people are able to read the manual written in their native language. We think that this is the plus point in it.

  1. Does this machine have a delayed start system?

This best portable washing machine UK counts the time straightforwardly and doesn't do it separately for every function. So you don't have an option to delay the start, but you can go for delaying end.

  1. What is the quick wash function in this washing machine? Does it have a remote control?

With the quick wash technology, the machine will provide you with ultra-fast and equally efficient washing results even in half of the time.

No, this machine can be controlled by a control panel present at the front only.


Believe it or not, this one of the best washing machines under £500 is one of the most impressive creations in the Samsung washing machines. It will never disappoint you in any aspect. If you want to get a washing machine with an A+++ energy rating, there is nothing better than this model of the Samsung washing machine.

And the most interesting part that we found interesting about this machine is its eco bubble technology, which is promising to clean your clothes in seconds with full efficiency. This technology improves the texture of the clothes with bubble penetration. So we would say that you can buy this money-worth item with a blind-fold.



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