Samsung 2020 55" QE55Q60T QLED 4K Quantum HDR Smart TV with Tizen OS

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Brand: Samsung

Color: Black


  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution
  • Smart TV with Tizen OS
  • Bixby, Alexa, Google Assistant
  • Freeview HD Tuner

Binding: Electronics



There is a reason why 55 inch TVs are so popular; they offer a sweet spot in terms of screen size.

And, when you pair this ideal size with the most appealing 4K display and smart features Samsung offers, these 55 inch 4K Smart TVs are hard to resist.

TVs are almost always “Smart” these days. Then, what’s the challenge, you ask?

Well, the real challenge is deciding between a whole lot of Smart TVs; there is no one-size-fits-all kind of deal in the TV industry.

First, you need to consider your requirements, then you must dig down on the features, benefits, and drawbacks of the TVs in your sight.

Worry not though. That is where this article will come in handy for you. 

We have selected one of the premium 55 inch TVs Samsung has to offer and discussed it thoroughly so that you can have all the information you need before going into the purchase.

If you don’t want to read the whole article and feel a short answer would suffice for you, take note of this:

This 55 inch 4K Samsung Smart TV offers exquisite picture performance, good-enough sound, great user-experience, lots of online content, and good gaming performance.

Want to know more about the features and benefits of this 55 inch TV? Read on.

Let’s first debug some of the important terms; this will help you understand the product more easily.

QLED Technology

The QLED technology is mostly used in Premium Samsung TVs as well as a couple of other brands.

The QLED (Quantum dot LED) technology uses a layer of quantum dots between the LCD panels to deliver highly controlled colors.

These super-small quantum dot crystals allow the TV to precisely control the hues and shades to deliver lifelike and deep pictures.

What is Quantum HDR?

HDR means High Dynamic Range and “Quantum” refers to the quantum dot layer that works to enhance the image quality in Samsung's TVs.

High Dynamic range technology takes on the darkest and brightest parts of an image and improves contrast between them.

Quantum dots and HDR work together to deliver detailed and bright images.

HDR delivers a high peak brightness of the brightest parts of an image, and quantum dots enhance that brightness while also preserving the details of that image.

In this way, maximum brightness and contrast are achieved without distorting the image.

About Samsung’s Tizen OS (Operating System)

Operating systems on a TV allow you to browse TV channels and on-demand video services. You can access images, videos, and audio files on connected devices as well.


Plus, these operating systems let you navigate through the interface and even customize it for your convenience. You can find your favorite apps and play them using an OS.

Samsung uses a particular operating system called Tizen. It allows users to seamlessly browse content and interact with Samsung TVs without visual noise.

The Tizen operating system is just like Android or iOS, however, it’s probably faster and more responsive. This allows you to quickly navigate the menu and browse the apps without frustration.

About Samsung Crystal Processor 4K

The exquisite detail 4K content offers is unprecedented in the TV industry. Although there are TVs that can upscale a lower resolution native content to 8K, there is still very less 8K content available out there.

That leaves 4K as the next best thing, offering you highly detailed and lifelike images. The important thing is: there is a lot of native 4K content out there.

With the Samsung Crystal Processor 4K, even if your native content is not 4K, the smart TV adapts and upscales it to deliver 4K pictures.

Samsung Adaptive Sound

TVs these days almost always neglect the sound aspect of the viewing experience. The sound goes hand in hand with the visual appeal.

Thankfully, Samsung realizes this and provides the users with the Adaptive Sound feature that molds the sound according to the surroundings and the content you are watching.

This means you don’t have to raise the volume of the TV whenever there is noise in the surroundings or turn it down when the environment is back to normal.

The benefit of 100% Color Volume

Color volume is a way to ensure the content is displayed on the screen just the way the producer of the content intended.

It represents the capacity of a display to reproduce colors.

And, the more the color volume in terms of percentage, the better the ability of the display to express accurate and vivid colors.

With 100% color volume, Samsung has reached the maximum capacity in some of its smart TVs, which enables them to display a vast range of colors on your screen. producing a vast range of colors on your screens.

55 Inch 4K Samsung Smart TV Review

Let’s now dig into the details of this 55 inch 4K Samsung Smart TV.


With the Samsung QLED technology, quantum HDR, 100% color volume, and crystal processor 4K, you are going to get the best visual performance from this 55 inch 4K Smart TV.


QLED technology doesn’t only help produce lifelike images, but it allows the TV to reproduce the images with great precision thanks to the nano-sized crystal particle layer sandwiched between the LCD panels.

Plus, the quantum HDR delivers high contrast with quantum dots backing the brightness of the HDR technology.

The crystal processor 4K upscales your native HD content to 4K pretty smoothly. So, you will enjoy the extreme detail of 4K images even if your content provider is streaming HD content.

A bonus for the family guys/gals is the edge lighting. This allows the TV to deliver to you clear images even if you view the TV from an angle. A major benefit of this is when you want a TV night with your family and friends.

A small drawback is that although the motion performance overall is good, you may see a little motion blur in fast-moving scenes.

Overall, the picture quality is great, offering good contrast and color reproduction.


This 55 inch 4K Samsung Smart TV offers a pretty sleek and simple design. The edges are almost bezel-less and the backside of the TV is pleasantly curved.

There is a number of connectivity options on the rear of the set. It includes 3 HDMI ports in total, a satellite port, 2 USB ports, ethernet, and cable input.

One thing to keep in mind is that although 2 of the 3 HDMI inputs are easily accessible, the third one may not be accessible if you were to wall-mount this 55 inch 4K Smart TV.

Plus, you can easily mount the TV on two feet instead of a central stand.

It’s not a very heavy TV, so two people would be able to easily set this up, either on the table or wall.


The sound of this 55 inch 4K Smart TV is pretty standard. Although it has the 20W built-in speakers for everyday content, the TV may leave you desiring for more when you are watching more demanding content.

A positive thing is that the TV adapts the sound according to the content being watched as well as the surroundings.

That said, you always have the option of attaching a separate sound setup or a soundbar if you are into stronger audio.

Operating System

Your TV interface and user-experience depend on the operating system. Imagine a slow android phone with difficult to find apps. The faster and easier to navigate the OS, the greater the user-experience.

The Tizen operating system used in this 55 inch 4K Smart TV is fast and responsive. Plus, it supports a lot of apps like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon, and more.

That being said, you may find a little clutter while scrolling as you are also provided with the Samsung TV Plus, which offers free content.

Overall, the OS offers a fast, responsive, and noise-free user-interface.

Content Streaming

The Tizen OS supports a lot of content streaming apps including Netflix and Amazon. You can also watch free TV channels on Samsung TV Plus.

So, a lot of online content is on offer here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Samsung Dual LED?

Samsung dual-LED feature utilizes two LEDs with separate color temperatures to deliver good color accuracy and improved contrast.

What is Samsung’s Ambient Mode?

Samsung Ambient Mode enables you to convert your TV screen into customized decoration. You can even put up your own photos onto the screen or put your wall’s “wallpaper” to make the TV blend into the surroundings.

Where can I Set up this TV?

While the more convenient option is setting it up on a table using two feet, you can also wall-mount this 55 inch 4K Smart TV.

What are the Connectivity Options with this 55 inch 4K Samsung Smart TV?

There is a multitude of connectivity options, including 3 HDMI inputs, 2 USB inputs, ethernet, and cable.

Two of the 3 HDMI inputs are located at an easy-to-access spot, however, if you were to wall-mount this 55 inch 4K Smart TV, the third one won’t be accessible.

Is 55 inch Display Size Enough?

One of the reasons for the popularity of 55 inch smart TVs is their optimal screen size. 55 inch is considered a sweet spot when it comes to screen size.

That said, it also depends on your viewing distance; the further away you are sitting, the bigger the TV screen you would need. As a benchmark, 7 - 8 feet is an optimal distance from a 55 inch display.

Is this TV Good for Gaming?

The main concern for gaming lovers is the input lag; minimum input lag is required for a smooth gaming experience.

Plus, gaming requires good image quality; Samsung’s game enhancer optimizes the image contrast and color while also maintaining the input lag.

So, you get optimized image performance without an increase in input lag.

What is Samsung TV Plus?

Samsung TV Plus is a content streaming service that allows you to watch online channels without having to pay any subscription fee.

What are the Voice-Search Options?

In addition to the OneRemote feature, this 55 inch 4K Smart TV also allows you to control it, browse the content, and navigate through the apps using any of the three voice-assistants.

The TV supports Samsungs Bixby, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant as voice assistants.

Can I Mirror my Mobile Screen to this TV?

Yes, you can mirror your mobile screen to this 55 inch 4K Smart TV by using the SmartThings app on Google as well as Apple Playstore.

Final Thoughts

55 inch TVs have an optimal screen size whether you want a TV for your bedroom or lounge. Around 7 feet is a suitable distance to view a 55 inch TV; you can play around with it to get to a more suitable distance for yourself.


This 55 inch 4K Smart TV offers high-quality images, good-enough sound without an external source, a user-friendly interface, good gaming performance, and a lot of online content.


The extreme details of 4K images are reinforced by 100% color volume and HDR10+ technology, making the images extremely lifelike.


However, the sound performance is not that powerful, so you may have to attach an external audio source. In addition, although the motion performance is good, you may face some lag in fast-moving scenes on this 55 inch 4K Smart TV


Finding the best smart TV for yourself can be a headache if you have so many good options. With this comprehensive review, you will get the required information to make an informed decision.

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