RPHP electric bicycle 10 inch 3 wheel electric bicycle parent-child adult mini electric bicycle lithium battery high

Sale price£ 1,168.75 GBP


Brand: RPHP

Color: 8ah white


  • Three-wheel upgrade design, the body is stable and not easy to roll over, and the little girl who ca n’t ride the bike can also easily drive
  • Navigation mobile phone support USB charging interface night light switch is easy to switch, mobile phone navigation support is convenient to free your hands every time, upgraded USB charging interface
  • Inner powerful lithium battery: Cool power lithium battery system technology, using 18650 automotive-grade power lithium battery, longer life than traditional battery, an excellent choice allows you to save effort
  • Intelligent escort runs farther: Intelligent battery management system, 10 functions to protect the safety of the battery in all directions, and the battery can be discharged only after it is charged.
  • The driving performance makes people passionate: the moment you ride a 400W brushless motor on the cc three wheels

EAN: 9872933638336

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