Philips 55PUS7304/12 55-Inch 4K UHD Android Smart

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Brand: Philips

Color: Silver


  • The 55 inch TV combines an elegant design with high picture quality. With the Smart TV from Philips, you can lean back and enjoy 3-sided Ambilight and a rich sound.
  • The 55 inch TV will amaze you. Look forward to a 4K UHD resolution (3.840 x 2.160), HDR 10+ and the Philips P5 Perfect Picture Engine. This 55-inch TV comes with Dolby Atmos for a cinema-like sound.
  • With the 3-sided Ambilight of this 55 inch TV, LEDs project the colours of the screen onto the walls in your room - in real time. Your screen will appear bigger, every moment will feel closer and music will become a light show.
  • Simply control the 55 inch TV with Alexa, via an Alexa-enabled device such as Echo or Echo Dot. Android TV offers even more entertainment and fun.
  • Please note, ITV Hub, ALL 4 and MY5 UK catch-up apps are not available on Philips Android TV

Publisher: Philips TV

Release Date: 20-05-2019

EAN: 8718863019061

Package Dimensions: 53.9 x 39.0 x 31.9 inches


Best 55 inch Smart TVs


Have you ever heard of a talking TV? No? Buy a smart TV and enjoy this out. Nowadays, modern TV means smart TV. Some TV manufacturers get their own smart platforms patented while some adopt the Android or Roku technology. Whatever the technology is, we believe that Smart TVs provide great value for money. They are a good bargain at a reasonable price and are equipped with smart features that add incredible convenience to your life.

To write this up, we have tested more than 50 highly-rated models in the past few years and have reached the below recommendation for the best 55 inch 4k smart TVs to buy. We hope you would admire our choices and definitely choose one on the basis of your need.

In the next section, we have scribbled an in-depth buyer's guide to give you a reasonable idea about the factors you should consider while buying a 55 inch TV.

Best 55 inch 4k smart TVs Reviews

Philips is not a known brand for making smart TVs, but Philips 55PUS7304/12 grabbed our attention because of the plenty of features it brings at an affordable price. The TV has a stunning picture quality contained in an elegant body. It has impressive Ambilight and surrounds sound supported by Dolby Atmos that makes you feel like you are sitting in the cinema. 

Philips 55PUS7304/12 is a power-packed smart TV variant featuring a 4k UHD resolution combined with HDR 10+. The HDR format brings more colors and better brightness and contrast. It makes sure that the blacks look blacker and the light colors look brighter. Moreover, it is equipped with Philips P5 perfect picture engine that ensures high-quality visuals. 

The most notable feature is the 3-sided Ambilight that looks striking. It reflects colors on the surrounding walls and creates a cinematic look. The screen also looks bigger and brighter. You can control this smart 55 inch 4k TV with Alexa or Echo. Just ask Alexa to do something, and it will manage it for you. However, you will have to buy the Alexa enabled device in order to use voice assistance. The android operating system is easy to use and enables you to use plenty of apps. There are three connectivity options, so you can easily connect external devices to it.


  • Equipped with 3-sided striking Ambilight
  • Compatible with voice assistants
  • Elegant design
  • Cinematic audio quality


  • The software has bugs.
  • Text on the remote is not visible.


A Comprehensive Buyer's Guide for the best 55 inches 4k smart TV.

Here is a quick buying guide you should go through in order to make an informed decision of buying the right 55-inch 4k smart TV.

What is Smart TV?

Today, Most TV manufacturers produce smart TV. In fact, all the TV are smart TVs now, and the conventional ones have become obsolete. Now the first question that arises in mind is what the smart TV actually is? Smart TV is a complete entertainment solution that can connect you to the internet directly through WIFI. You can use plenty of built-in streaming services on it and also download it if you already installed it on the PC. 

This feature is very useful and notable because you are not required to buy a media streamer. However, if you want to access the service not supported by the TV, they can connect it to the required media streamer as well.     

What is 4k/UHD TVs?

Nowadays, every large-sized TV is a smart TV equipped with 4K UHD resolution. Resolution governs the picture quality. The higher the resolution is, the better will be the picture quality. The smart TVs usually offer at least 4k or 8k resolution. However, 4k is widely popular because it has a lot of content, and it is cheaper than the 8K resolution TVs.

The main difference between a high-definition and Ultra High-definition TV can be visible when you are sitting closer to it. It offers more detailed visuals than a conventional HD TV. The difference will be clear when you sit near provided that you are watching 4k content. 

What is HDR?

HDR stands for the High-Dynamic range. HDR enhances picture quality when combined with the 4k resolution. It makes a visible difference in the visuals that is noticeable at any distance. It ensures that the shadows and hues are clearer on the screen. The bright spots should look bright while the darker spot should look darker. Moreover, such TVs have a large color palate that produces true-to-life pictures. However, it is recommended to play HDR supported content on such a TV to feel a visible difference in picture quality.

Why should you buy a 4k smart TV?

A smart TV offers a bunch of value-added features; a conventional TV can't. It is something more than a conventional television that can only show you a few channels. It has very useful innovative features that add great convenience to our life. Large screen, detailed and improved visuals, access to web content, and easy connectivity are some of its benefits.    

Quick Tips for buying a 4k smart TV

Here are a few quick tips to help you if you are in a hurry. Just go through these tips to get a quick idea about some significant features that a reasonable smart TV must possess.

  • Determine the budget and search accordingly.
  • Shortlist the best smart TVs according to your budget and need.
  • Decide the size according to your room’s space and mounting position.
  • Buy at least 4k resolution. It is good if it is combined with HDR format, but it is not necessary that HDR format is inevitable.
  • Buy a TV with multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB, or WIFI, etc. Make sure that the TV has multiple HDMI ports to connect it to the external devices.
  • The minimum refresh rate lies between 60 hertz to 120 hertz.
  • Do not confuse if the effective refresh rate is mentioned on the box. It interprets that the actual refresh rate is half of the stated frame rate.

Factors to Consider for buying a reasonable 4k smart TV


What size to buy?

Choosing the right size is a dilemma. You should make the decision according to the place where you are going to fix the TV or the space your room has. The bulky TVs may clutter your room. However, a slim and sleek 55-inch TV can be an impressive choice. This size is also suitable for the larger rooms as well as the small rooms.


To buy a reasonable 55 inch 4k smart TV, you must have at least $500 in the pocket. However, it does not mean that you cannot find an affordable smart TV. You can easily buy a reasonable one just by spending a few bucks.

Refresh Rate

A refresh rate is the number of times the screen replaces the image or refreshes in a second. The refresh rate is measured in terms of Hertz. The greater the rate is, the better is your smart TV.  Make sure that the TV you buy must have a refresh rate of more than 60 hertz. Modern smart TVs can offer a refresh rate of up to 240 Hertz.  

Connectivity Options

Make sure that your smart TV has multiple connectivity options like HDMI, USB, or wireless like WIFI or Bluetooth. The multiple HDMI ports enable you to connect multiple external devices at a time. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Is 4K worth it 2020?

4K is the future of smart TVs. It offers far better visuals than conventional TVs. The detailed image, more colors, and optimum brightness and contrast ratio are the features of 4k smart TV, making it worth the investment.

Do you need anything special for 4k TV?

Yes. Two watches improved visuals on the 4K TVs. You must have access to the 4k content, a 4k streaming box or streaming service, and a 4k supported HDMI cable.

Is there a noticeable difference between 1080p and 4k?

There is a big difference between the picture qualities. The 4k display contains four times greater pixels than the 1080p TV. The 4k TV shows a detailed and in-depth view of an image as compared to 1080p. However, the difference is visible only when you are sitting closer to the TV.

What is the cost of a 4k TV?

You can buy a reasonable 4k TV combined with HDR format, 60 to 120 Hertz refresh rate, multiple connectivity options, and a 55-inch large screen for under $500. However, the quality varies with the price. The more the price is, the better the TV will be.

Summing Up

In this era, we cannot imagine our lives without a smart TV. That is why you should be considerate while buying a 4k smart TV. We have tried our level best to address your concerns regarding a reasonable purchase. We also hope that you would like our top picks and definitely buy one of them.

Let us know about your experience in the comments section below, and also give us an idea about the next product you want us to review. Happy Shopping!


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