Panasonic H-HS12035E Lumix G X VARIO 12-35 mm Lens - Black

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Brand: Panasonic

Color: Black


  • A compact and lightweight lens with full-range F2.8 brightness
  • High-performance X lens crystallises Panasonic's optical technologies
  • Nano surface coating technology for dramatic reduction of ghost and flare
  • Power O.I.S. - enhanced correction performance
  • Four aspherical lenses, 1 UED lens and 1 UHR lens

Binding: Camera

Publisher: Panasonic

Release Date: 30-05-2012

Details: Product Description 12-35mm Wide-angle Zoom Lens (24-70mm equiv.). F2.8 aperture available through the entire zoom range. X Lens, HD Silent AF design. Power OIS. Min focus dist. = 25cm. Nano surface coating. 4 Aspherical, 1 UED lens, 1 UHR lens. Robust Splash & Dust proof metal body construction. Fast and bright lens ideal for low light photography or indoor video use. The large aperture offers a shallow depth of field for striking visual impact. Would make a great kit bag companion for the HS35100E. Introduction to Lumix G Lenses High Performance and Small Form Factor When Panasonic developed the Micro Four Thirds System Camera one of the benefits that came with it was the ability to dramatically reduce the size and bulk of the corresponding lenses. Using its expertise in aspherical lens manufacturing and with the cooperation and strict quality standards of Leica AG on board, it set about producing a wide range of lenses that would satisfy a new generation of camera users. Whatever photo opportunity arises, the growing number of high quality, creative lenses available for the MFT system ensures that you won't miss out. Many lens manufacturers now contribute to the fastest growing digital camera system with over 30 models from manufacturers such as Olympus, Sigma, Leica and, of course Panasonic, already available and more being added regularly. High Precision Optical Performance Aspherical lenses reduce distortion by delivering light to a more precise point on the sensor Aspherical Lens Elements Traditional spherical lenses bend the light at the edges of the image causing distortion or aberration. Aspherical lenses on the other hand overcome this issue by delivering light to a more precise point on the sensor. They also reduce the number of required lens elements meaning lenses can be smaller and lighter. However Aspherical lenses are extremely difficult and costly to produce, so only a small number of manufacturers have the know-how to make them. Panasonic is one of the few lens manufacturers with this capability and therefor can create very high quality yet smaller lenses. Anti-Ghost and Flare with Nano Surface Coating Lens Nano thin surface coating virtually eliminates ghost and flare entirely In advancement to regular multi-coating lens technology to reduce flare and reflections, the application of a Nano thin outer layer coating virtually eliminates ghost and flare entirely. Ultra Extra-low Dispersion (UED) Lens Elements An enhancement of the Extra-low Dispersion (ED) lens, Ultra ED are even more effective at reducing colour aberration. By reducing colour aberrations, high contrast and detail is maintained across the full width of the image, resulting in beautiful high quality pictures. Ultra High Refractive Index (UHR) Lens Elements The amount and speed of light passing through a lens is measured and known as its refractive index. The higher the index the better the lens is at passing light through it. UHR lenses are expensive to produce but give better results than lenses with a lower refractive index. New Lumix Category "X" Lens In 2011, Panasonic introduced the first of their "X Series" lenses. Lumix X lenses incorporate high-end optical technology along with the very latest digital control. Features include; Low Distortion, Corner to corner high resolution, Minimal ghost and flare, Crisp edge to edge contrast, Power optical image stabilisation and high-speed and silent contrast AF drive. All in all establishing a premium lens range amongst the Lumix line-up. Panasonic's lens-integrated gyro system ensures power efficient and accurate vibration compensation In-Lens Power Optical Image Stabilisation (Power O.I.S.) Panasonic's extensive knowledge of building highly effective stabilisation in to our professional broadcast cameras led to the introduction of the Mega O.I.S. that compensates for tiny movements of the camera during shooting (up to 4,000 times per second). Power O.I.S. improves that compensation and doubles the effectiveness of shake suppression (when compared with Mega O.I.S.), especially for low frequency vibrations or when shooting in low light. Panasonic's lens-integrated gyro system ensures power efficient and accurate vibration compensation, matched to each lens, proving its effectiveness time after time. Circular Aperture Diaphragm (7 Blades) A circular aperture is essential for creating a smooth soft focus area when a large aperture is selected for the shot. Panasonic use seven aperture diaphragm blades in our lens to ensure a smooth transition at the focus edge. High Precision Mechanical Performance Original Lens Stepping Drive Motor for High-speed Contrast AF A screw unit integrated with the motor shaft moves the focus lens directly, without the need for relay gears or cams In conventional digital SLR cameras, contrast AF is more accurate than phase difference AF, but ordinarily has a slower focus speed. Panasonic have overcome this problem by incorporating a unique stepping motor in the drive system. A screw unit integrated with the motor shaft moves the focus lens directly, without the need for relay gears or cams. The result is auto focusing that is swift and accurate. It could be the difference between capturing the shot or not. Silent AF Motor Drive - Perfect for HD Video Recording In addition to the fast stepping motor drive the improves the speed of focussing, this lens model also uses an inner linear motor that is almost silent in operation. This makes the lens ideal for use when videoing as no motor noise will be picked up by the microphone. High Quality Metal Barrel Construction The highly durable metal construction of the lens barrel ensures this lens will go on delivering the reliability you would expect and work with you in environments where lesser lenses may falter. High Reliability Metal Mount Continually fixing and unfixing lenses to your camera body puts a lot of strain on the lens mount. As an important part of the lens barrel, a metal mount is more durable and retains an accurate fixing to the camera body. Resulting in a more reliable performance for many years to come. Dust & Splash Proof Construction Some shooting situations come with tough conditions for a high precision camera and lens to face. This lens comes with the added protection of a dust and splash proof construction that can withstand a light shower of rain or dusty situation. Box Contains Lens Lens Cap Lens Hood Lens Rear Cap Lens Storage Bag

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.6 x 4.6 inches

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