Multifunctional Zero Gravity Massage Chair Home Full Body Automatic Luxury Electric Massage Chairs Elderly Massage

Sale price£ 5,120 GBP




  • The massage motor can be adjusted to help you relax and promote blood circulation. Meets the highest standards, durability and ultimate comfort.
  • Uniquely Modern Design - Beautifully constructed with a modern and sophisticated design, the reclining massage chair features ergonomic armrests that position you perfectly for a relaxed full body massage.
  • A variety of massage modes: kneading massage, shiatsu massage, slamming massage, rolling massage, airbag massage, vibration massage.
  • You can enjoy a Relaxing massage with this chair, to relieve Fatigue, pain and stress of work.
  • Purchase Notes: The products leave the factory after undergoing strict professional testing to ensure the quality and safety of the products. The products are wrapped in layers to avoid damage during transportation. Due to high shipping costs, we cannot accept all returns unless there is a quality issue. If you change your mind about a return, the customer should pay for the return. Thank you for your understanding.

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