L&WB Oxygen Machine Oxygen Machine, Moving Head Oxygen Machine 2L Oxygen Machine Home Older Pregnant Women Students

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Brand: L&WB


  • The oxygen generator supports two functions of oxygen absorption and Zerstäubung.Es takes a filtering device to filter dust, hair, contaminants, bacteria, etc. in the air ..
  • improve Silent design, low-decibel operation, highly efficient air intake filter oxygen quality, you can sleep peacefully, surrounded by pure oxygen.
  • Intelligent sterilization function, atomization function, multiple functions, long battery life, LED large-screen display, with convenient use.
  • This oxygen generator increases the negative ions in the air, you feel relaxed, comfortable and has a calming, analgesic, antitussive, antipruritic, diuretic, appetite and blood pressure lowering functions.
  • Oxygen concentration with a large touch screen: dual-function, high-definition, large LED touch screen with timing function, suitable for travel and home

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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