L&WB Oxygen Generator, Moving Head Oxygen Machine 5L Medical Oxygen Generator House Elderly with Atomizing Oxygen

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Brand: L&WB


  • The main functions are: skin care, improving circulation, improving attention, alertness and memory, strengthens the immune system, reducing the chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerating the body regeneration after recovery, relaxation, natural treatment of headaches, migraines and hangovers ..
  • Applicable people: Suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as the elderly, students, workers, pregnant women, etc. who are busy with work, revision and memory loss ..
  • The 5L high flow oxygen generator can be adjusted up to about 3 l, which is suitable for the amount of 1 ~ 3L oxygen generator and the oxygen concentration of 1 ~ 5L can be 93 ± 3%.
  • This oxygen generator supports two functions of the oxygen inhalation and Zerstäubung.Es takes highly efficient molecular sieve having the higher oxygen output efficiency and stable oxygen concentration ..
  • Quadruple filtration system when the engine overheated and the oxygen concentration is low, it is a real-time alarm geben.Es supports the power failure alarm function, the use is safe and reliable.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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