L&WB Oxygen, 3L90% -96% Oxygen Atomization Two-In-One Compact And Lightweight Oxygen Generator

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Brand: L&WB


  • The main functions are: skin care, improving circulation, improving attention, alertness and memory, strengthens the immune system, reducing the chronic fatigue syndrome, accelerating the body regeneration after recovery, relaxation, natural treatment of headaches, migraines and hangovers ..
  • Applicable people: Suitable for short-term hypoxic people such as the elderly, students, workers, pregnant women, etc. who are busy with work, revision and memory loss ..
  • The oxygen generator using air purifier HEPA filter material highly efficient filter cotton-tightly arranged in the filter box ..
  • to meet small and light appearance, small size, users in different scenarios, such as bedrooms, living room, large-screen high-definition display information, intuitive, clear and complete, simple and convenient operation panel, clearer understanding of the use of oxygen generators.
  • The oxygen-generating atomization for one machine and two functions, with its own atomization function verwendet.Es is often used for respiratory diseases such as colds and fever, and has a short effect on drugs.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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