LiangDa Violin bow 4/4 Ebony Frog Musical instrument accessories Carbon Fiber Fiddle Bow Practical And Durable (Color :

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Brand: LiangDa

Color: Black


  • Crafted using advanced molding techniques, the violin bow is constructed of carbon fiber and other modern materials, delivers a new level of performance way, beyond that of traditional wood construction.
  • Made from High quality materials, more durable and also has uniform hair thickness and good response,offer you a sweet sound.
  • Length and Weight - 4/4, lightweight, 61-62g, It is very suitable as a backup bow and even a practice bow.
  • Great Balance - Properly balanced for even playing response, produces a powerfully dynamic sound.
  • Good Performance - The way that this violin bow transfers string vibration to your fingertips makes you feel at one with your instrument, facilitating technique and enhancing personal expression.

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