LG 55SM8200PLA 100 Hz TV

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Brand: LG Electronics

Color: Black


  • Display Diagonal: 55"
  • HD Type: 4K Ultra HD
  • 3D: N
  • Screen resolution: 3840 x 2160
  • Smart TV: Y

Publisher: LG

Release Date: 01-06-2019

Details: TV LED UHD LG 55SM8200PLA

EAN: 8806098421787

Package Dimensions: 53.5 x 31.5 x 7.9 inches


Best  55 inch Smart 4K LED TV

Are you looking for the best 55 inches Smart 4K LED TV that money can buy? Read onto this comprehensive article and get answers to your TV-related queries.

When searching for the best 55-inch smart TV, you are now in for the most amazing 55-inch panel, with smart capabilities and excellent picture quality. Know that these TVs are currently being considered medium and have all the features and parameters you wish to make your money worthwhile. 

In this guide, we will talk about some of the best 55 inches Smart 4K LED TV in the market for people who want the best experience of a feature-rich product that their money can get. This list has some of the most high-rated and best-selling products with the most deserving features and specifications. At the end of the article, there is a small buying guide to help you with the final buying process.


Packed with the most excellent features, LG 55SM8200PLA 100 Hz TV is our top pick of the best 55-inch TVs in the market. This best 4K TV, almost by default, is best for every other thing you want. So, if you are looking to purchase an all-rounder TV with the smartest features, have massive confidence in this product’s overall quality and best panels for routine use.

With LG 55SM8200PLA 100 Hz TV, watching TV will become a unique experience for you every time you decide to turn it on. Thanks to its distinctive and unique NanoCell technology, this best 55 inch TV in 2020 has the most impressive color reproduction. You can connect this smart TV to your fast and reliable internet connection and watch whatever you want, and however you want!

Due to multiple built-in applications, the possibilities are endless for the user. This NanoCell TV is the company’s most advanced LED TV that is sure to deliver enhanced picture quality and RGB color transparency. The Nano Colors deliver you a stunning, breath-taking visual experience with realistic colors and purity of colors. Whenever you sit in front of the TV, this feature ensures that you enjoy the most accurate colors, even from the side, and cherish the moments.

The TV comes with an active HDR feature to optimize every picture on the screen and to provide finer details and rich colors. Its multi-HDR format also includes HLG and HDR10. When combined with LG's dynamic scene by scene adjustment skill, these parameters guarantee that you get to enjoy amazing HDR quality with every prospect.

This product also provides perfect, seamless, immersive 4K HDR gaming features. With its low input stroke, you can perfectly synchronize the fast scenes and enjoy fast games with dynamic action. Other conventional TVs out there might distort the colors when a movie is viewed from the side angles. However, the LG 55SM8200PLA preserves the colors, so you will always get a  colorful picture no matter where you sit. 

Another great benefit of this TV is its DTS Virtual: X feature that adds another dimension to the sound and makes your TV watching experience even more lifelike. Its fast quad-core processor also prevents noise and helps create more dynamic colors and contrast.


  • Wide viewing angle
  • Bluetooth audio playback
  • HDR10 and Dolby vision
  • Features NanoCell technology


  • No AMD free-sync


Buying Guide

Smart TV, OLED, LED, HDR, and 4K TVs are common types of televisions available in the market. The TV industry is blooming every day and also getting a lot confusing, especially for newbies. If you are also facing a tough time choosing from hundreds and thousands of 4K UHD models out there, the following are some key factors that you must consider to make the best choice. 

  • Display/screen

The display of any high-quality, best 55 inch TV consists of contrast, resolution, HDR, type of display, and refresh rate.

Contrast: While purchasing a smart 4K TV, know that a product with a high contrast ratio can deliver a better display over the screen. Due to this, you can enjoy the finest picture quality and details while watching your favorite content. For this reason, OLED TVs are considered the best choice as they have a high contrast ratio. 

Resolution: Sharper resolution means better clarity on the screen. Based on the resolution, three types are accessible, i.e., HD-ready, FHD, and 4K (UHD) TV. HD ready TVs offer 1 million pixels, FHD TVs have 2 million pixels, while UHD TVs are the best in this regard with 8 million pixels.

HDR: High dynamic range is for finer pictures and color quality.  However, this feature will work only when you are watching the content in HD quality.

Type of display: On the basis of types of display, you can classify smart TVs into three types, i.e., QLED, LED, and OLED TVs.

Refresh rate: It is the number of times your screen is replaced each second. The higher the refresh rate,  the better will be your picture quality and viewing experience.


  • Connectivity

The connectivity options you need in your TV depends majorly on your personal preference. The most important connectivity options to have on your TV are:

HDMI port: This feature has more connectivity options that help to transfer great video and audio quality among two devices. With this port, you can connect your set-top box, DVD player, laptops, gaming consoles, etc. 

USB port: You can use this option for connecting hard drives, pen drives, digital cameras, and internet dongles.

Bluetooth: With the Bluetooth connectivity feature, you can further connect your favorite devices without needing a wire or cable.

  • Screen Size

Two other important factors to keep in mind before purchasing the best 55 inches smart TV 4k is viewing distance and screen size. The screen size of a TV is usually measured diagonally. To get the most suitable screen size, first, measure the distance between the place where everyone would be sitting to watch the TV. Also, determine the wall where you wish to mount the product.

  • Sound Quality

The TV sound is typically measured in watts. The higher the watts, the more will be the maximum volume of your TV. Many TVs available in the market today come with pre-defined sound modes for sports, gaming, movies, and songs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why Is It Important To Have A TV With Good Interface Or Operating System?

A good operating system or interface of the TV is important to have since it helps determine the ease you can use your smart TV. Though android and Google certified TVs are the most common ones, many other brands also offer their company-made interfaces as well for user convenience.

  1. Which Features Are Important To Have In A Smart TV?

 If you are shopping for a brand new 4K smart TV, consider some of these must-have features.

  • Streaming video services
  • Fast user interface
  • Media player
  • 4K UHD streaming video
  • Games and universal search
  • App store
  • Strong connectivity options


  1. What Is The Significance Of Buying A 4K Smart TV?

Smart TVs are very popular these days due to the immense benefits they offer to the user. They have lots of content to watch, quick access to different streaming services, integrated voice control assistant, universal search features, integrated Chromecast, and compatibility with smart home products. 

Final Thoughts

Smart TVs are now everywhere. But while there are a lot of similarities in the models available out there, some of them have their own unique and distinctive features. So, if you are also planning to buy a new TV for your home, use this article as a guide to picking the best 55-inch smart 4K LED TV for your money.



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