Ladies Electric Bike Two Wheels Electric Bicycle With Removable Battery 46V 250W Portable Mini Folding Electric Scooter

Sale price£ 829.95 GBP


Brand: RPHP

Color: White


  • Aviation magnesium alloy: lightweight body, higher cost, about half the weight of a commercial scooter
  • Auto-sensing headlights: the intelligent design of the first electric vehicle light source sensor, when the light is dim when driving, the headlights automatically activate the night mode and drive at night
  • Ventilated disc brakes: The rear wheels are equipped with a ventilated disc brake safety system, which enables fast and efficient braking. Even on rainy days, it can exhibit good braking performance and can drive safely in every step.
  • Power-off brake device: The brake structure of the brake is safe. Turn off the power before braking to protect your driving safety,At the same time, it can effectively protect the body motor, reduce power consumption, make it safer and smarter.
  • The 8-inch non-inflatable explosion-proof tires have non-inflatable rear wheels, which are both safe and comfortable.

EAN: 5282893741580

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