June Folding Electric Bike For Adult 400W 48V Double High Power Double Shock Absorption E-Bike With 10 Inch Tire Speed

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Brand: June

Color: 8a Black


  • ▶【high quality material】 Aluminum Alloy Lightweight Frame,Aluminum alloy has high strength and light weight, significantly reducing the weight of the entire vehicle and making driving easier and safer.
  • ▶【High Power】 With the 48V 8A (48V 10A / 48V 13A) lithium ion battery and the sturdy 400W motor, you can power up to 30 to 35 kilometers per full charge (40 to 45/60 to 65 Kilometers). Maximum speed 36 km / h.
  • ▶【 Portable 】 lightweight snap-in frame makes it easy to store your bike in the most compact locations, such as at home, in the office, and in your luggage. This makes it easy to manage your bicycle when you put it away.
  • ▶【Safety system】 Electric vehicles can stabilize the braking system and ensure the safety of the brakes even at high speeds, thereby effectively preventing traffic accidents. The perfect brake protects you and makes your journey safer.
  • ▶【headlight】 With wide-angle lighting design, the illumination range is wider and farther.It is more conducive to riding at night.

EAN: 9582846578628

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