Jasmin FS 1200W Full Spectrum 396 LED Bulbs Plant Growth Light for Indoor Hydroponic Plants Veg and Flower Dual Growth

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Brand: Jasmin FS


  • Widely used in plants, vegetables, flowers, fruits, etc. to make it grow faster and healthier, assembling it where you want will make you feel happier
  • *1. New upgraded CREE CXB3590 LED chip: 1/3 higher than other general growth lamps, high standard value and high lumens, minimum heat, maximum heat release with less heat. High denomination (photosynthetically active radiation) ensures high light absorption of the plant To maximize plant growth and harvest.
  • VEG-BLOOM full spectrum, a special ratio of blue/red/white spectra based on 10 years of research and testing can be fully absorbed by plants to photosynthesis, suitable for rapid growth and high yield, and ensures high THC at harvest.
  • *2. Upgrade a new generation of PVC steel frame: Lighter than other common LED growth lightweight panels, anti-friction, pressure resistance, long service life. High compressive strength and compressive strength.
  • Keeping the factory cool is essential. By using self-cooling aluminum and a unique heat dissipation design, the heat dissipation area is maximized, and the LED can maintain a low temperature even after 24 hours of continuous use.

Package Dimensions: 19.3 x 14.6 x 4.7 inches

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