IPL750-LTS E-Light Flux Professional System IPL Laser Hair and Tattoo Removal Machine

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Brand: Schonheit IPL-Lasersystemen


  • IPL750 E-Light Flux Professional System IPL Laser Hair Removal, Tattoo Reduction and More.
  • Powerful Salon Use IPL with 300 Jcm2/second.
  • No Replacement Lamps or Cartridges to Buy. Good for over 5 million pulses (about 7 years of daily use).
  • Fades Tattoos in as Little as One Treatment. Outstanding Results. 1 year total coverage warranty.
  • Detailed production information for this item, data sheets, PDF instructions and usage videos may be found on the manufacturer's (Avance Beauty) technical support page.

Publisher: Schonheit IPL-Lasersystemen

Details: We are very pleased to introduce revolutionary new technology in the delivery of high intensity pulsed light for skin conditioning, dermatological treatment, hair removal and tattoo fading. The IPL750-LTS Elite represents a milestone in the photodynamic treatment industry (the use of lasers and intense pulsed lights for treatment of various skin conditions as well as permanent hair/tattoo reduction). With a stunning 50.4 Joules per cm2/pulse and 300 Jcm2/second of energy density (fluence) it is the single most impressive desktop system available today. The incorporation of High Frequency (HF) energy with the IPL emission (known as 'E Light Flux') results in performance that is unparalleled. Permanent hair and tattoo removal can be safely achieved in less than half the total treatment hours as compared to regular laser or IPL procedures. The E Light Flux feature may be disabled at the flip of a switch to deliver a more comfortable treatment to those clients who request it (only increasing the total overall time invested in the procedure, not decreasing the effectiveness). The treatment can be ultra-aggressive or gentle with the convenient controls on the instrument panel. For high powered E Light/IPL Flux treatments (deep collagen stimulation, scar/stretch mark reduction) the use of a 3.5% topical desensitizing gel is encouraged (which is included in the kit) or 5 minutes of ice pack application to the desired area before treating. Although this system can produce 300 Jcm2/second you will only need 180-220 Jcm2/second for permanent hair and tattoo reduction (which can easily be selected with your intensity setting knob). Higher fluence delivery should be limited to advanced photodynamic dermatological treatment procedures. The IPL750-LS Elite uses a High Intensity Light Emitting Diode which will last for over 5 million pulses (about 7 years of daily use at an average salon). The hand piece does not require replacement of flash tubes/bulbs

Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 14.0 x 8.0 inches

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