Hyber&Cara Baby On Board Sign Magnet for Car, Magnetic Baby in Car Sticker, Reflective at Night, Weatherproof, No Fade,

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Brand: Hyber&Cara

Color: white


  • 🌈AWESOME VISIBILITY - Sticker color is bright and noticeable, aware other drivers you are transporting cute babies! No need to worry it's hard to see the signs through the tint of the car since it's outside of the car. It reflects at night which easily catches other driver's eyes and remind them to keep safe distance from your car.
  • 🌈ADORABLE DESIGN - Cute design to decorate your car, perfect size to apply on the most visible area. We recommend to put one on the door where the baby is and one on the back of the car.
  • 🌈NO FADING - Our magnet is designed to last. We use a special UV and weather-resistant seal, along with other materials to ensure the sticker will look just like new after years.
  • 🌈SUPER DURABLE - Strong magnetic strength to withstand any weather condition. No need to worry about suction cup sign easily falling off, or residue or paint discoloration from the sun.
  • 🌈EXTREMELY CONVENIENT - Easy to remove and re-apply thanks to the magnetized backing! Just take it off before going through car washes.

Publisher: Hyber&Cara


Baby In Car Magnetic Sticker by Hyber&Cara
A perfect auto accessory for you and your family! Let everyone know that you have loved ones aboard. Made with supreme and durable quality, each magnet is 5.7 inches long and 4.9 inches wide with the ability to withstand your daily commute. They will be seen at night thanks to our reflective UV protected film! installation is quick and easy and will adhere to your vehicle without leaving anything behind! Comes in a pack of two to apply and share!

Be sure to apply to a freshly cleaned vehicle. *Must apply to a metal surface*
1.Find a metal surface on your vehicle, typically the trunk or quarter panels that contain iron
2.Wash surface area with water and soap, removing all particles and dirt (use wax or a clay bar for optimal results)
3.Dry area with a microfiber towel to prevent any lint stuck between your vehicle and the magnet
4.Position as flat as possible and ensure it is as flat as possible

Car parts such as bumpers are typically made from plastic and carbon fibers that will not work with magnets.

Recommended Maintenance:
Periodically remove the magnet from your vehicle. A wet paper towel can be used to clean the backside of the magnet. Be sure it is dry before reapplying to the metal surface. Always remove the magnet when washing your vehicle and repeat the application steps for best results.

UPC: 708818283379

EAN: 708818283379

Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 5.4 x 0.2 inches

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