HWOEK Adult Folding Electric Bike, 6 Speed 250W 16 Inch Travel E-Bike with Removable 36V 7.5AH/10.5AH Lithium-Ion Dual

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Brand: HWOEK


  • [Electric system]: The adult city electric bicycle is equipped with a stable 250W high-speed brushless motor and a removable lithium battery. Under ideal conditions, the endurance of the lithium battery can reach 20-50 kilometers (full electric mode) to 40-100 kilometers (pedal assist mode). You can charge the battery directly on the bicycle, or you can take it out for charging.
  • [The difference between the two folding electric bicycles]: The model is a 7.5AH battery, the pure battery life is 20-35KM, and the auxiliary mode is 40-65KM. The battery life of the 10.5AH battery is 40-50KM, and the auxiliary mode is 55-100KM. Except for battery differences, all other attributes of the product are the same.
  • [Excellent Design]:With Led Headlights And Display, It Makes You Safer When Riding At Night. It Is Safer And More Durable With Front And Rear Disc Brakes.the Electric Bicycle With Rear Disc Brakes Provides Greater Control And More Reliable Stopping.
  • [Aluminum alloy shock absorber front fork]: Aluminum alloy vertical pipe, unique I-shaped arch bridge, can make the outer fork of the front fork more stable, shock-proof and elastic, can encounter comfortable impact, comfortable riding 300W high-speed brushless motor torque Large, small magnetic resistance, free and infinitely variable speed, fast speed, excellent climbing ability
  • [Switch Between The Three Modes]: Bicycle + moped + electric car, that is, electric, power, and manpower. The cycling mode can be switched freely according to the road environment. In the absence of electricity, you can switch to human riding, when using bicycles.

EAN: 1011217364754

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