HISENSE H55B7100UK 55-Inch 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

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Brand: Hisense

Color: Black


  • 4K Ultra HD - stunningly realistic picture quality and pin-sharp clarity.
  • HDR technology - dramatically enhances detail by maximising contrast and colour accuracy.
  • DTS Studio Sound - volume levelling, bass enhancement, speaker EQ and dialog enhancement technology.
  • VIDAA U 3.0 Smart TV - access Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube, Freeview Play and more.
  • Freeview Play - catch up on the last 7 days via BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play.
  • Includes 2 years UK manufacturer warranty

Publisher: Hisense

Release Date: 01-06-2019

EAN: 6942147451229

Package Dimensions: 53.9 x 33.9 x 6.0 inches



HISENSE TVs are arguably the cheapest smart TVs out there. Naturally, one might wonder whether there is a compromise on the quality or not.

In this article, we will review thoroughly one of the best 55 inch TVs from HISENSE so that you know that cheap yet reliable smart TVs do exist in the market.

HISENSE is a Chinese brand that offers premium TVs at not so premium prices. And, if you are interested in 4K resolution and smart features and don’t want to invest a lot of bucks, this TV might interest you.

Although HISENSE also produces other electrical devices, its smart TVs are the main attraction.

However, although you can get a decent image brightness, detail, contrast, HISENSE TVs won’t be right up there with the best TV models in the world.

But, not everyone can afford to spend a fortune on a TV; and after all, you are getting 4K details, good display size, and smart features at a significantly lower price point.

However, making a purchase decision will require more information on the product. So, stay with us, get yourself informed, and make a confident and practical decision.

But, if you are in a hurry and would like to get a straight answer, we have you covered: This 55 inch 4K Smart TV has great picture quality, good enough sound, convenient control, and a lot of online content to stream, all at a really impressive price point.

Now, if you want to know more about this 55 inch 4K Smart TV, continue reading.

Before explicitly talking about the TV, it would be a good idea to demystify a few important terms; this will allow you to understand the features better.

4K Ultra HD Technology

History wise, 4K resolution comes after the HD resolution that most of us are used to. New TVs are being produced in 4K resolution because of the extreme detail and crisp images they offer.

Pixel count is the number of pixels displayed on the screen per second. The more they are displayed, the higher will be the resolution.

4K has 4 times the pixels of a Full HD. What does this mean? 4 times better detail and quality than high-definition.

HISENSE offers 4K at a significantly lower price point than its premium competitors like Samsung and LG. Which is a big plus for you if you love 4K and don’t want to invest a lot.

UHD and 4K are mostly used interchangeably in the TV market. So, for a layman, these terms don’t mean much difference.

HDR Technology

High Dynamic Range technology aims to retain the originality of the images and improve its brightness and contrast to deliver more detailed and sharp images.

It basically takes the bright and dark parts of an image and broadens the gap between them to make the displayed images deep.

HDR and 4K work hand in hand to produce quality images, so it’s a big plus if both of these are present in a smart TV.

DTS Studio Sound

Sound performance is as important an aspect of the whole TV experience as the images. Lame sound without clarity won’t anyway go with a 4K detailed video.

DTS Studio sound works to improve your TV audio and provides surround sound. So, with DTS backing the sound performance, you may not have to attach a soundbar to your TV.

VIDAA U Operating System

VIDAA U OS is just like an android operating system working on our android phones. The OS makes the interaction between you and the TV easy and fast.

You can watch online content through the OS and explore many apps as well. The operating system is particularly used by HISENSE TVs.

Freeview Play

Freeview Play is an online TV service that provides you with 70 channels including 15 that are in HD. Plus, you get the full suite of catch-up apps.

So, you have a whole lot of content options to choose from.

What is an Energy Class A TV?

Energy Class A TVs are manufactured to consume as little energy as possible. The use of electricity in our households has increased because of the rising number of electronic equipment.

So, in order to keep a check on energy usage, brands are now focusing on producing energy-efficient devices. With an Energy Class A rating, a TV would be able to save you electricity bills in the long-run.

Is 55 inch Display Enough?

The display size depends on the distance you watch TV. There is no perfect size and distance; it could vary from person to person, a good benchmark would be 8 feet from a 55 inch smart TV.

So, yes, a 55 inch display would be more than enough if you are not sitting way too far from your TV.

55 inch 4K Smart TV Review


The picture quality on this 55 inch Smart TV is pretty decent, considering the price. 4K resolution is not that common at this price point, so that’s something to consider.

While if you compare the TV with the best smart TVs out there, it’s not right up there with them, however, the quality is very good and the lower price is probably a tactic of getting into the competitive TV market.


Not only 4K but this best 55 inch TV from HISENSE also uses HDR technology to display high brightness and deep contrast. So, not a bad deal to have after all.


The sound quality is good too. With DTS technology backing up the in-built sound, you will be able to enjoy the audios if you are not an audiophile or a bass lover.

If you have used soundbars before, you will probably know that attaching them is almost always better than to rely on the in-built speaker system.

So, as far as this 55 inch TV is concerned, you can check out the sound first, if you don’t feel satisfied, you can hook up a soundbar at any later time.

Operating System

HISENSE uses its own operating system to let you enjoy smart functionality, apps, and a lot of content online.

It’s just like our iOS or Android operating systems that allow us to interact with our phones easily.

With VIDAA U OS, you can interact with your HISENSE TVs, navigate through the menu, and find the content in the compatible apps and services.


An impressive thing about the remote control is that you get the direct access buttons to several of the popular online streaming services like Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video, and Freeview HD. So, if you are a fan of any of these, there would be no hassle jumping to your favorite content.

You can also control your HISENSE TV using your smartphone with the RemoteNow app. The only condition is to connect both devices to the same WiFi.

Not only that, this 55 inch TV has built-in Amazon Alexa; you can use your voice to search and control it. So, a lot of options as far as controllability is concerned.

Content Streaming

Smart TVs allow you to choose from a whole lot of online content all in one place. This 55 inch TV has the VIDAA U operating system on which you can use several compatible apps to watch the content you desire.

Supported online services include Netflix, Freeview Play, Amazon Instant Video, and Youtube. 


  • High-quality images backed by 4K & HDR
  • Voice-control with Alexa
  • Easy-to-use remote control
  • Inexpensive
  • Good-enough sound
  • A lot of online content options


  • The remote control batteries may not last long

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Control This 55 inch TV with iPhone?

You can easily control this 55 inch 4K Smart TV using your smartphone, be it Android or iPhone. You just need to download the RemoteNow app on your phone and connect it to the TV. Make sure you connect your phone to the same WiFi the TV is connected to.

Can I Wall-mount this Smart TV?

Yes, you can wall-mount the TV with no hassle. However, you would have to buy separate mounting brackets and install them with the holes at the back of the TV.

What’s the Width of the Stand?

The width of the stand is around 38 inches, so it would be a good idea to install this 55 inch TV on a 40-inch wide table.

Can I Connect a Soundbar to It?

The TV uses DTS technology to deliver an immersive sound, but if you don’t feel the sound is good enough, you can hook a soundbar using the optical cable.

Is this 55 inch 4K Smart TV Good? Considering the Cheap Price Point?

Yes, HISENSE is a competitive brand that produces premium TVs at relatively cheap costs to remain in the competition. The image quality is great and the overall user-experience is good too.

However, the quality and user experience won’t be as good as some of the best TVs out there.

So, if you want 4K resolution, HDR contrast, and smart features at a significantly lower cost than most similar TVs out there, this HISENSE smart TV would be a good choice for you.

Is it Good for Gaming?

Although the 55 inch 4K Smart TV doesn’t have a gaming mode, the gameplay it offers is pretty smooth. You won’t feel ghosting or delay while playing. Just make sure you put the TV into sport mode.

How Many HDMI Pots Does it Have?

HDMI ports allow you to stream high-quality content via external sources. You can even connect your gaming console to the TV via the HDMI 2.0 ports and enjoy lag-free gameplay.


There are a total of 3 HDMI 2.0 ports, so you have the option to connect 3 of your devices at a time.

What’s the Refresh Rate of this 55 inch TV?

The 55 inch TV has a refresh rate of 60Hz. It’s the number of frames per second. So, a 60Hz refresh rate is good-enough for blur-less motion in videos, even to some extent in fast-moving scenes.

What’s the Warranty on this TV?

No matter what product you are investing in, if it doesn’t have a warranty, there is no peace of mind while buying it.

This 55 inch TV has a 2 years warranty, so you can rely on the company even if something went wrong during this period.

Can I use Alexa on this TV?

Yes, you can connect Alexa separately. Using voice-assistants with smart TVs can significantly enhance the user experience and convenience.

You won’t even have to look at the remote or find the file yourself when you have a voice-assistant at your disposal.

This one of the best 55 inch TVs has Amazon Alexa compatibility, but you would have to connect it separately.

Final Thoughts

This 55 inch 4K Smart TV is for those who don’t want to invest a hefty amount for a smart TV. You won’t probably find a better price point than this considering the 4K HDR technology, big size, and smart functionality of this TV.

HISENSE as a brand has gained a foothold in the TV market and is now a reliable brand that produces a lot of other products as well.

So, should you buy a HISENSE TV? Well, why not? The picture quality is great, you get all the smart features, and control it via your voice all at a significantly lower price than premium TVs.

Finding a TV is no big task; the real issue is getting the right information about it so that you can confidently invest your money.

This article will help you in that regard. Go through the article, get yourself informed of the concepts related to this product, and make a practical purchase.


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