Gluttonous Lulu Play Mat 743 018 (japan import)

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Brand: Eburobo


  • [Body size] 50cm height of about depth 96 x width 87 x
  • 100% polyester, other fabrics: cotton, polyester, polyurethane gray fur [Material] Lulu
  • [Production country] China
  • [Target] 0 months to

Binding: Baby Product

Publisher: Eburobo

Details: 820g Material:: weight (size and put the head and foot of Lulu) W87 x D90 x H50cm: cotton, polyester size from Birthday: Country: France Production: China Age , polyurethane remarks: it [Lulu] The big-eyed, cute wolf jumped out from the world of story. Hate vegetables. Hate even toothpaste! Tongue of Lulu was a bad child, has become blue suddenly one day. Very Come on! Lulu series and rich story, stylish colors of France unique stand out, and grow sensitivity of baby from various angles. Full of things that excite the senses never baby've ever seen on the stomach of Lulu. world is surrounded by dolls and sounds, and mirror that I reflected is a dream world just for baby. Toy that comes with the play mat can be used to carry stroller Remove. I use it as a pillow for baby if I remove the head of Lulu! You can be breast-feeding while carrying the baby to play mat. The same content as the picture book of Lulu is drawn on the play mat.

Package Dimensions: 16.6 x 15.9 x 6.0 inches

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