GJJSZ Parent-Child Electric Car,Variable Speed Small Portable Ultra Light Mini Adult Car Small Double Shock Absorption

Sale price£ 1,593.75 GBP


Brand: GJJSZ

Color: 55km


  • Front disc brake/rear brake:The brake is sensitive and light,and the material is made of high temperature resistant friction material to improve the comfort of rain and snow
  • Multiple shock absorption:double high pressure shock absorption,rear seat manned stability,large filter impact
  • Baby seat:The front row of baby seats is comfortable,bumpy and not afraid of falling
  • High-brightness LED lights:the brightness is just right,no glare,high brightness,safer riding at night,more convenient for mountaineering,high quality power when driving uphill
  • Set the safety lock switch at the saddle handle and open the saddle with the key to easily remove the lithium battery

EAN: 6096249058630

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