Framed Mirror TV with Samsung 55 inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV TVPlus. Gun Metal Edge Frame

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Brand: TV in Disguise


  • Uses a Dielectric Mirror, such that the TV vanishes when OFF
  • Incorporates a 55 inch Samsung 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV TVPlus
  • Slim wall mount bracket included
  • Discover easy access to all your content and connected devices from one place through Samsung's intuitive Smart Hub
  • Includes 5 years manufacturers warranty

Binding: Electronics

EAN: 5060652730828


If you are an interior designer, you better understand the importance of uniqueness and aesthetics in your home décor. The framed mirror TVs are one of the electronic equipment that adds significant value to your interior décor.

Let’s look at some of the best 55 inch TVs equipped with a classic frame, their positive features, and also the downsides that may prevent you from making the wrong decision. Also, find a comprehensive buyer's guide that pinpoints the things to consider while buying a reasonable 55 inch 4k smart TV for your home or workplace.

A Quick Buyer’s Guide for the best Samsung 55 inch TV

Samsung mirror TV is an amazing TV variant that adds beauty to your home décor. In this guide, we will tell you how to frame your television and the things to ponder over while you buy a reasonable mirror 55 inch 4k TV.

What are the Framed Mirror TVs?

A Framed mirror TV is none other than an exception. These TVs are equipped with high-quality frames and a Dielectric mirror that gives them the finest look. They are super-slim and available in several finishes you can choose according to your room décor.  These TVs are simple to install and mount. You can buy a slim universal mount to place these TVs on the wall. Here, you have the option to buy a mirror frame slat screen TV or to buy the dielectric mirror separately.

How to Install a Mirror TV?

The best way to place a mirror TV is to mount it on the wall using an ultra slim wall mount. There are universal wall mounts commonly available in the market. These wall mounts are suitable for almost all the sizes and designs of the framed mirror TVs. These mounts are usually very slim so that there is no considerable gap between the TV and the wall. However, you can allow a small gap so that sound may pass through the frame. Moreover, you should hire professional services to string the HDMI cable back through the wall.

You can also find a lot of help and installation videos on the internet to get the mirror TV installed. As far as the Samsung 55 inch 4k TV is concerned, it comes with an instruction manual to get it installed.

How to Choose a Dielectric Framed Mirror TV?

Samsung offers outstanding models of the 55 inch 4k TVs crafted with a stunning frame and a dielectric mirror. The advanced TU8000 series features a lot of functions that you will not find in the ordinary TVs. This series features an ultra-slim design that blends with your room décor, a bright, high-quality 4K display, Easy Installation, Internet surfing, Bluetooth speakers, and so on.

Choosing a frame is another challenging task after you end up buying a 55 inch 4k smart TV. These TVs are available with the frame and the dielectric mirror, but you can also buy them separately.  The frame is made of professional workmanship with intricate design and exquisite finish. The design ensures that all the TVs may fit the frame easily. There is a number of options for the frame finish you can choose according to your choice or home décor.

Why are TV Mirrors popular?

Mirror TVs are the masterwork of art. If you have a small, cluttered room full of furniture, a mirror TV is a good option to go for. When the screen is on, the mirror shows you the image, while the mirror seems utterly clean when the TV is switched off.

Nowadays, these smart mirror TVs are widely being popular in Hotels, bars, restaurants, and also in the home environment. The most notable feature is the number of options available to beautify your place. The frame comes in several finishes. You can choose to compliment your décor.


Gun Metallic color is one of the favorite colors when it comes to finishing. Samsung framed mirror LED TV also comes in a metallic gun variant. The color exhibits grandeur and presents your great interior taste and aesthetic sense. The TV is encased in the dielectric mirror that vanishes it off when it is not in use. You would only feel the difference when the screen is on. Moreover, this 55 inches 4k smart TV is ultra-slim making it a suitable choice for the cluttered room.  

A slim universal mount comes with the package to place the TV securely on the mount. It is very easy to install, and you can easily get it installed yourself too. Some people also hire professional services to get it installed properly. In addition, it is very easy to operate with simple remote control.

You can browse the internet and access all your important data, movies, music, and application through this Ultra HD smart TV offering excellent results.


  • The frame comes in an exquisite gun metallic finish.
  • Large LED Ultra HD display
  • Slim and sleek design
  • Comes with a wall mount




Frequently Asked Questions


Are Mirror TVs any good?

Mirror TVs are high-quality TVs that offer ultra HD technology with a clear and bright 4K display. These TVs are enclosed in a Dielectric mirror that has a glossier image than ordinary TV. These TVs offer all the smart functions reasonable Smart HD 4K TV offers like internet connectivity, Bluetooth speakers, net browsing, application access, access to your data, apps, and music, etc.  

Can you turn a TV into a Mirror?

Yes, you can turn the TV into a mirror that is specifically made for the purpose.

Is Samsung frame TV a Smart TV?

Yes, Samsung frame TV is a smart TV. It uses the latest Samsung smart hub technology crafted with a frame. You can access all your important data, browse the internet, watch videos, movies, and TV just in one place.

What are the advantages of buying a framed mirror TV?

Framed mirror TVs are being widely popular nowadays. These TVs are ultra-slim and can be mounted on the wall easily. They are encased in a durable, well-crafted frame that is available in several finishes. The most significant feature that differentiates such TVs is the dielectric mirrors they are equipped with. This dielectric mirror allows hiding the TV when the TV is turned off and saves a lot of space in the small room. It does not take large space like ordinary TV and makes your room uncluttered. These TVs are easy to operate and utilize the latest Samsung smart hub technology offering you loads of entertainment in one place.  

Wrapping Up

So, these were the most advanced mirror TV variants that would definitely grab your attention. Let us know about the performance of the TV you buy out of our top picks in the comments section below, and also suggest some new 55 inches, 4k smart TV models you want us to review for the next article. Thanks.

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