Forte Lubricants Car Automatic Transmission Fluid Leak Treatment - 125ml

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Brand: Forte


  • Smoother gear change.
  • Reduces oxidation (varnish and tar formation).
  • Prevents fluid leaks (seal conditioner).
  • Compatible with Continuously Variable Transmissions.

Publisher: Forte

Details: Automatic Transmission Treatment is the recommended treatment for hydraulic systems using LHM fluid such as used by Citroen, particularly for conditioning the rubber seal between the hydraulic fluid pipe and gas globe. Automatic Transmission Treatment can also be used to flush the auto box when, due to low fluid level and overheating occurring, the residual fluid oxidises to form varnish and tar. By adding two tubes of Automatic Transmission Treatment and fresh ATF to the auto box and running the vehicle for 50-100 miles, the gums are dissolved, restoring the efficient operation of the gearbox. The box should then be drained and replenished with fresh ATF and one tube of Automatic Transmission Treatment. Automatic Transmission Treatment is also compatible with crankcase oils and can be used to treat manual gearboxes filled with crankcase oil to overcome 'notchy' gear change.

EAN: 6009620740109

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