Fitness club Super Running Machine, Foldable Treadmills, P1-P12, Three Countdown Modes, Automatic Refueling/Smart

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Brand: Fitness club


  • ①Method Method of Strengthening the Legs. Mainly do it at Different Strengths (Specific Methods Use Different Pressure Controllers To Adjust) To Exercise The Legs, This Method Mainly Consists In Improving The Capacity Of The Leg As Main Objective. For example, increasing the strength of the main thigh muscles, improving the ability to lift the legs and improving the capacity of the hips, knees and ankles and keeping your legs healthy. The basic method is as follows:
  • Warm up for 10 minutes; The First Group Can Walk 20-50 Times With 80% Strength; Rest for 3 Minutes (Try to Shorten Rest Time and Improve the Effect of Exercise); The second group can walk 20 to 30 times with 90% intensity and 3 minutes rest. The fourth and fifth groups are the same as the two preceding groups. This exercise is mainly based on anaerobic training, which is conducive to the development of leg strength and forms the form of bodybuilding legs.
  • ② Aerobic exercise. Mainly use low intensity, fast pounding tapping and maintain a period of time to finish the exercise, it is best to exercise with music. During Exercise, Be Careful To Grab The Piano In The Respiratory Zone And Deepen Your Breathing.
  • ③ Functional Exercise. Mainly through different methods of practice, it has a good rehabilitation effect on knee joint injuries, Pa Osteomalacia, knee ligament injuries, hip injuries and Achilles tendonitis. Follow your doctor's instructions when exercising. Do Not Highly Affect The Affected Area During Exercise, So As Not To Feel Uncomfortable During Exercise Or To Worsen The Condition. This Exercise Method Can Effectively Improve Blood Circulation In Hips , Knees And Ankles And Improve Local
  • ④ It is recommended to place a special exercise mat under the treadmill; On the one hand, it can eliminate noise during the race and protect the ground. On the other hand, it can effectively prevent dust and foreign matter from getting into the motor box or between the running belt and the running board. .

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