Electric Bicycle Foldable Dual Disc Brake 12-inch Mini Portable, Dual Disc Brake + Usb Charging Hole, Endurance 25km

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Brand: Dsqcai


  • Uninterrupted mobile phone, more convenient travel: the body comes with a USB interface, you can charge the mobile phone, with a special mobile phone bracket, making your travel more convenient.
  • Charging for 3 hours, running over 25 kilometers: only 3 hours of charging, you can ride for three or four days, 20km-50km super endurance, can be about 60 laps around the 400m football stadium runway, to meet your travel needs.
  • Even if you are going uphill, it gives you a sense of safety + 15° climbing angle, 350W motor power, low resistance, easy headwind climbing, and stable full power.
  • The user-friendly key design has undergone a lot of testing, reasonable key arrangement, within the reach of riding, everything is under your control.
  • Comfortable riding seat: the groove design can play the heat dissipation function of the lower body during long-term driving, and the smooth shape reduces the streamline wind resistance of driving.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

EAN: 1011215182893

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