Dsqcai Folding Mini Electric Car 48v Lithium Battery Power Folding Bicycle, Using 48v10ah Battery Lithium Battery, Power

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Brand: Dsqcai


  • Battery protection: short circuit protection, over discharge protection, over current protection, over charge protection, 48V battery life is efficient and stable, service life is longer than 36V, smart hidden battery design
  • Using 48V10AH imported battery lithium battery boosts mileage up to 85 kilometers, accelerates faster and can be recharged, is 3.8 times the life of ordinary lithium batteries, 2.9 times when used; safe and reliable, and does not burn. No explosion. Safety is more guaranteed! Intimate design, anti-theft security
  • The frame is made of aluminum and gold composite material with the same level as the NASA space shuttle rails. It contains boron fiber males to increase the full hardness, which is 50% higher than the industry standard aluminum alloy in deformability. The pulling force has been increased by 40%. With excellent performance, Ah meets your needs for conquering travel.
  • The mechanical disc brake design is more sensitive: the braking effect is increased by 60%, the safety index is increased by 70%, and the service life is increased by 60%
  • Shimano imported from Japan shifts at a faster speed. The effect of shifting is 60% higher, the safety index is increased by 70%, and the service life is increased by 80%.

Binding: Kitchen & Home

EAN: 1011215183036

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