Diesel Rhino Fuel Additive Treatment Multishot Bottle 500ml

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Brand: Diesel

Publisher: Diesel Rhino


The complete diesel fuel additive

This 500ml bottle will treat up to 500 litres of diesel fuel

Multishot bottle allows you easily add Diesel Rhino into your fuel tank with the desired amount without overfilling


Restores and improves performance

Better fuel economy

Lower emissions

Injector Cleaner

Lubricates fuel system

Diesel Rhino is a Premium Eco friendly Diesel Enhancer formulated to improve on today's modern diesel. Diesel Rhino is a Cetane Enhancer, it disperses water in fuel and is an injector cleaner which lubricates the fuel injection system whilst prolonging the life of the engine.

Diesel Rhino is an organic compound which is proven to increase the lubrication of engine components compared to other "popular" fuel additives which contain Naphthalene, which leave carbon deposits in the system causing an increased deterioration of engine components.

As well as containing three parts more anti-oxidants than most fuel additives, one bottle of 500ml Diesel Rhino will treat 500ltrs of fuel (1ml:1ltr) and the new bottle has and ergonomically designed filler neck which allows users to easily decant up to 50ml (for 50ltrs of fuel) at a time.

Treatment ratio 1:1000

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EAN: 609613832512

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