Das Company Storage Tent 6x12x3,5m waterproof white Heavy-Duty PVC 560g/m² Tarpaulin all-year Carport Winter Plus SD

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Brand: Das Company

Color: white


  • ROBUST TARPAULIN: we only use durable material PVC, which resembles the canopy used on trucks. The tarpaulin with full wall has a high density of 500 g/m², resistance to UV rays temperatures in the range of -40 to +60 °C. It is also 100% waterproof. The tent has an Air Control system to prevent condensation of water.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION WINTER PLUS: The main construction is made of thick steel tubes with an enlarged diameter of 50 mm and connectors with a diameter of 54 mm. The construction is hot-dip galvanized and connected by bolted joints. The all-year party tent is much more practical; its entrance has been adjusted for stability. The tent also has a reinforced roof and floor construction. The roof and side-tension system consists of steel wire ropes with turnbuckles.
  • COMFORTABLE OPENING: the two gates are placed on both ends of the tent. Each gate has two independent wings with zip. You can push them back on both sides or roll them upwards. The driveway is made from a tarpaulin PVC 560 g/m². The entrance is mounted with special rubber loops. Thanks to this, you can easily and quickly dismantle the entrance and also reach an entrance full width of the tent and height of the sidewall.
  • ATTRACTIVE APPEARANCE: The PVC sidewall tarpaulin has a thickness of 500 g/m². Its standard height is 2m. Thanks to a full wall in each of the two-meters long segments, the tent looks solid. It is ideal as a storage tent, carport, garage, workshop and many more.
  • FIT A TENT: you can order individual parts of the canopy in different types, such as a wall with windows or whole walls. Personalize a tent and adjust it to your needs. The tent has connection covers attached to Velcro straps. They are available in different colors. This allows a quick and easy changing the tent color. Just buy a connection cover in the right color.

Publisher: Das Company

Details: Marquee - Storage tent with thick tubes on each side of the entrance, steel wire ropes with turnbuckles and PVC tarpaulin 560 g/m²: Simple and fast assembly! The construction is robust, strong and easy to assembly. In addition to the quick setup, you can easily move the tent to any location. The main construction is based on thick steel tubes Ø 50 mm and connectors Ø 54 mm. The construction is hot-dip galvanized with reliable connections thanks to bolted joints. The all-year party tent is much more practical; its entrance has been adjusted for stability. Floor tubes have been removed and a thick tube has been added on each side of the entrance to reinforce the construction. Such a solution prevents any damage to the tarpaulin on each entrance. To increase the quality of the tarpaulin, we add a stronger inner mesh. Our PVC tarpaulin weights about 560 g/m² ADVANTAGES Easy to set up. Packed in separate numbered packs. Perfect for any storage, whether you're storing woods or using as a garage. It provides protection from wind and sun and in the evenings a warm accommodation. It can alternatively be used as a shelter but not year-round, weather-protected storage area, storage tent, garage, and carport. The side tarpaulin can also be removed completely, which allows a side entrance. TARPAULIN The tarpaulin was made of 560 g/m² PVC material, which is better than weak PE tarpaulin. Side panels have a density of 500 g/m². Marquee is 100% waterproof Resistant to UV radiation and has a temperature range -40 to + 60°C. A draine increases the efficiency of the derived water. The entry tarpaulin is conveniently pushed aside and can be opened by ONE PERSON. DESIGN: Marquee has unique construction systems. The side walls are two meters each, assembled to construction with rubber loops. You can customize your tent to your needs. The tent has connection covers, which are attached to Velcro strips. Only our tents open so easy!

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