Changanfengkuo Watch Box, Can Hold 9 Watches, Imported Self-winding Watch Box, Soft And Elastic Watch Pillow, Imported

Sale price£ 572.21 GBP


Brand: Changanfengkuo


  • Elegant and practical. Quality watch accessories.
  • ☆ Size: 390 * 470 * 210mm, Color: Ebony Black
  • ☆ New generation of brushless motors: Select the superior products of Japanese motors that run smoothly and Manpower.
  • ☆ Nature and Noise: Fully enclosed design, noiseless operation, and can enjoy slow life in a quiet space.
  • ☆ Transparent window + can accommodate 9 watches + jewelry decoration box + touch screen controller + remote control

Binding: Kitchen & Home

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