Candy GVS169DC3 A+++ Rated Freestanding Washing Machine - White

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Brand: Candy

Color: White


  • 9kg drum capacity
  • A+++ energy rating
  • 1600rpm max spin speed
  • 15 wash programmes
  • Dimensions 850 (H) x 600 (W) x 540 (D)

Publisher: Hoover Group

Release Date: 25-05-2017

EAN: 8016361940390

Package Dimensions: 35.0 x 25.6 x 22.0 inches

Languages: English



The washing machine should be economical enough to provide maximum benefits at one platform. We all search for the best product in the market that can help us in completing the tasks quickly without going through operating complications. Candy Grand'O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine is the outstanding model to serve you.

With this washing machine, you can save loads of money, time, and energy. You can count on the performance of this washing machine anytime. If you are planning to buy this model for your laundry, then first look into the details and what features it has to offer you.



Storage Capacity:

This outstanding washing machine is not only suitable for washing dresses but duvet, bed sheets, cushions, and other items. It’s the best 9kg washing machine that’s offering impressive space to your laundry, and now you can get rid of laundry in a few minutes. You will love the ability of cleaning and handling every fabric accordingly and, no matter if the garment is delicate or heavy, the washing machine will return it without doing any damage to the fibers.

Spin Speed:

The spin speed of any appliance is responsible for making it work efficiently and effectively. Candy Grand'O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine has come up with an impressive spin speed of about 1600rpm. Due to high-speed spinning, in the end, you will get the moisture free clothes out of the drum. Due to efficient spin speed, your clothes will take less time in drying, and in a few minutes, you have fresh clothes.

Noise Level:

If you have the kind of machine that creates high sound while working, then it must not be perfect for open plan living due to disturbance. This best washing machine under £300 has a low noise level of about 82 decibels to make the washing machine work quietly without annoying users. It’s a perfect model when you are settled in an open plan living and want something that must be quiet to work anytime. The noise level of the appliance also helps in determining the machine’s life, and how many parts are involved in moving.

Quick Wash Time:

Sometimes we need quick fresh clothes, and most of them are small items like socks, undergarments or mixed fabrics. This best cheap washing machine is your savior in such condition and delivers quick wash time to a user. From 15 to 59 minutes, it can deliver you washed clothes depends on the load you are stuffing in the drum. The quickest wash time is 15 minutes. You will love the efficiency and smartness of the washing machine.


Variable Temperature:

If you take a look at the instructions written at the back of the garment tag, you will see the mentioned temperature for washing. Mostly white laundry requires a higher temperature to get rid of the stubborn stains, and small garments require a lower temperature. Candy Grand'O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine has a variable temperature feature to adjust accordingly. You can follow the instructions and set the temperature to achieve perfect cleaning results.

Energy Rating:

While buying any of the washing machines, it's essential to check the energy rating first. The highest energy rating, the more you will be able to save on bills. This best 9kg washing machine is A+++ rated that proves the efficiency of saving energy while cleaning a huge pile of clothes. Mostly the energy rating is between A+++ and D. It depends on what kind of product you want to choose for laundry tasks.


LED Display Type:

Now every appliance has come up with a digital display to adjust the settings accordingly. The best 9kg washing machine has an LED display located at the front of the appliance to monitor the timings and other settings. You can always switch the functions with one touch. Also, it has a downloadable program feature; you can download one program at a time.


Hygiene and Detector:

This washing machine is capable of delivering clean and hygienic clothes to you. It fights against bacterial infection and pathogens while washing to deliver odor-free garments to you. Another impressive feature is the detector of this model. At the time of loading laundry, this washing machine will start detecting and will work accordingly.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is it hot-filled or cold filled? What is the washing temperature of this best cheap washing machine?

A: The majority of washing machines are cold-filled now, and this one is too. The washing temperature of Candy Grand'O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine is 20 to 90 degrees.


Q: What is the guarantee policy for this appliance, and is it possible to connect it with the phone?

A: Candy is offering a 10-years of guarantee of this product that is amazing. Yes, you can download the candy app from the play store and connect your phone to the washing machine to control it from another room. It’s a smart washer. The app is not compatible with the iPhone.

Q: Does this washing machine offer a hand wash setting, and what is the delay timing?

A: Yes, you can adjust the hand wash setting from the digital display. The delay timings of the appliance are from 1 hour to 24 hours.


Q: How can I determine the timing of a cycle? What are the quick wash timings?

A: There is a counter clock located at the front and from there you can determine; how much time is left until the laundry is over? The quick wash timing is 15 minutes for small garments.


It’s a clever best 9kg washing machine that's capable of delivering all the modern and necessary functions from one platform. From time to money-saving, you will love the options and how you can be fresh even after doing laundry. Now there is no need to fear damage while stuffing your favorite garment into the washing machine. Your delicate garments and stuff toys are safe with Candy Grand'O Vita GVS169DC3 9Kg Washing Machine. It's budget and user-friendly, especially for the users who are buying an appliance for the first time and need something simple.

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