Biotope Aquatics Ltd - 2 x Bunch of Oxygenating Weed with Weight = 10 ELODEA DENSA Stems Live Pond Plant - Also Aquarium Aquatic Plants

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Brand: BiotopeAquatics


  • 10 stems = 2 bunches of 5 stems in each - fastened with LEAD WEIGHT
  • suitable for outdoor ponds and aquariums - not shrimp safe

Details: 2 x bunch Elodea densa Commonly known as 'Pondweed' Highly popular dark green coloured aquarium and pond plant Suitable for both tropical and coldwater tanks, but thrives in cooler temperatures. Perfect for outdoor garden ponds. Thicker stemmed species meaning less palatable for fish to eat You are buying 2 bunches of 5 stems of Elodea Densa, which will not have roots. Each bunch is fastened with a lead weight. These plants are stem plants which do not have roots. Stem plants are on average around 8 inches in length. This is the most common form of aquatic plant, and once planted in the aquarium or pond will soon grow roots and new leaves assuming correct care and attention is provided.. The plants shown in the photo are in an established tank with enhanced lighting to show what can be achieved. You can achieve similar colour and growth from the plants you receive, assuming correct care and attention is provided. If planting in pond, ensure the top of the plant is within 6 inches of the water surface to ensure sufficient light to grow. Lighting: Medium to strong. PH 5 - 8. Temperature: 15C - 28C. Origin: South America.

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