Bai Su Oxygen Concentrator O2 Generators Oxygen Machine for Home Elderly Pregnant Women High Concentration 0-3L Band

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Brand: Bai Su

Color: A


  • [Large screen LCD backlight] Large screen LCD backlight display, various data is clearly displayed, monitor the machine changes at any time during the day and night, it is more convenient for the elderly
  • [Oxygen inhalation and atomization, low noise] The oxygen inhalation and atomization can be used in one machine for multiple purposes. Two tees can be used to inhale oxygen simultaneously, and oxygen inhalation and atomization can be used at the same time. The oxygen concentration remains unchanged. Silent, almost equal to the volume of a whispered conversation, oxygen is more comfortable
  • [High oxygen concentration] High oxygen concentration, continuous oxygen supply, the use of lithium molecular sieve, rest assured quality, molecular sieve concentration of oxygen can reach 93%, oxygen concentration of 0.5 ~ 3L / min, oxygen concentration 93% ± 3%
  • This machine adopts the principle of pressure swing adsorption. Air is used as the raw material and zeolite molecular sieve is used as the adsorbent. It can separate the oxygen in the air from other gases (such as nitrogen). At normal temperature and pressure, after turning on the power, high concentration of oxygen Can be continuously separated from the air.
  • This unit allows you to choose the most comfortable method for different purposes. Suitable for the elderly, children, housewives, altitude sickness patients, pregnant women, students, outdoor athletes, etc.

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