The Most Adorable Kids Travel Tray For Play, Snack and Carseat Activities. Let Your Toddlers Enjoy The Long Trip. (Bonus

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Brand: Pistachiora

Color: yellow


  • 🤩 KEEP YOUR CHILDREN ENTERTAINED WHILE TRAVELING : Traveling with kids in a car, train or on a flight can be quite tricky & challenging - but no more! With Pistachiora car seats travel Tray, You can Relax and easily turn a bumpy ride into a smooth sailing, happy, all-round family trip. With this toddlers car seat lap tray the journey will be fun and full of great memories.
  • 🥳OUR FREE GIFT 🥳: We offer bonus free gift of SOFT SEAT BELT PILLOW Made with comfortable softplush+cotton inside . EXTRA LARGE SIZE: Seat Belt Cushion size is 28*10cm, It fits any car model.
  • 🤩 ADD SAFETY, ENTERTAINMENT, EDUCATION AND RELAXATION INTO YOUR TRIP: Let your toddlers learn the Alphabet while you're focusing on driving safely. With our amazing soft seatbelt cushion, your kid can sleep with full support of their head and neck.
  • 🤩DRINK HOLDERS, DEEP SIDE POCKETS FOR BETTER STORAGE - Kids love being spoilt for choices, and this implies a ton of crayons, pencils, books, small toys, that they want to take with them everywhere! That's quite okay, though - thanks to deep, strongly-stitched pockets on Pistachiora carseat travel tray, it's easier than ever to store a great deal of stuff.
  • 🤩TURN TRAVEL TIME INTO PLAYTIME ANYWHERE: Our Play tray and activity centre is perfect for not only car seats but can also be used with high chairs, conventional kid's chairs, or even air travel.

Publisher: Ningbo Creating Bag Co., LTD


About the product:

✔ KEEPING KIDS RELAXED is the key, and that's where our fully safe and unisex kids' travel tray for car seats comes in! It gives your kid something cheerful to gaze at, while helping you safely keep their snacks, drinks, games, books or any gadgets right in front of them to enjoy.

✔ SLEEPING PEACEFULLY AND SAFELY is quite important, that's why we provide you with our SOFT SEAT BELT PILLOW to support your kids heads and necks.


Specification :

About the carseat kids travel tray:


② STRONGLY STITCHED POCKETS which allows to store a great deal of stuff ( crayons, pencils, books, small toys ). Now the children can take their favourite stuff anywhere.

About the seatbelt cushion:

① Extra large size that fits to any car model : 28*10 CM.

② Soft plush + cotton inside.

③ Colours available : Pink, Blue & Yellow.

④ Washable :Just remove the seatbelt pillow outer cover and put in your washing machine or hand wash it, it dries quickly and is ready to be used again.

⑤ Suitable for both adults and children.


Package Includes :

① Kids Travel Tray for Car Activities.

② Seatbelt Pillow

EAN: 7625937841552

Package Dimensions: 16.2 x 11.8 x 2.4 inches

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