Virtual Reality Headset, ELEGIANT 3D VR Glasses Virtual Reality Box for 3D Movies Video Games for iPhone 8 7 6 6s Plus

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  • Allows your smartphone to enter a virtual reality Viewer on: Immerse yourself into a magical world of VR and enjoy the latest released 3D and virtual reality games, movies and VR video to YouTube and high-resolution 3D effects. It is really fun and offers you a more intense experience. All these you can watch anytime, anywhere, whether, sitting, or standing.
  • Adjusts the object- and pupil distance: Anyone can 'can use these glasses without extra efforts. As a result of this, you can get a better viewing angle, by adjusting the distance to suit your vision. If your eyes have different strength of vision, you can also adjust the glasses to your needs.
  • Peel-off radiator plate: can be removed easily, thanks to a magnet-adsorbed front cover. This is very practical for the ventilation. The heat dissipation design can effectively reduce the overheating problem of your smartphone and the smartphone signals will broadcast faster. Also you can charge your smartphone through the ventilation slits while in use, or stick your headphones in the ventilation holes.
  • Adjustable strap: The shark fins-design fits ergonomics, and can fit your head perfectly. With the elasticated band, the 3D glasses are very comfortable to wear. Additionally, the adjustable elasticated head strap can help you reduce the strain on your eyes, so you can feel more comfortable while you are enjoying the video or the games.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with iPhone, Android smartphones and Windows mobile phone, which have a screen size smaller than 6.0 inches. The recommended screen size is 4.7 - 6 inches, and the maximum length and width of smartphones should not surpass 163 x 86 mm.

Publisher: ELEGIANT Co.,Ltd

Details: 3D VR Headset – The latest model – Comfortable virtual reality glasses – Playing Games, Movies and files in the 3D screen – Compatible with most Android and iOS smartphones. Simply place your smartphone in look at these VR Shinecon and you can watch 3D videos as if you were sitting in the cinema. You can play 3D games with it, and immerse yourself in wonderful experiences.

Video-technology developed lightning fast. Now it is possible to enjoy the full range of immersive virtual reality. You will be experiencing games, movies, and videos like reality. If you prefer to have such amazing experience, you need a real device, and the VR Headset is the best choice.


Compatible with: smartphones and
Lens: Optical resin lens
FOV: 96 degrees
Casing Material: ABS + PC
The size of the smartphones should not exceed 163 x 86 mm (L x W)
Matching size: 4.7 - 6 inches Android and iOS Smart Phones 
Resolution: 1280 x 720 or higher

How is it used?
1. First, download the appropriate apps, and check out whether they support the left and right divided screen and full screen mode.
2. Open the cover plate, insert your smartphone into the device, and then close the cover plate.
3. Adjust the object- and pupil-distance, and now you can enjoy the high-resolution three dimensional effects.

Package list:
1 x 3D VR glasses
1 x User manual in English
1x Cleaning cloth

Please note that the VR pictures cannot automatically convert into the 3D format. You need to download the apps, the 3D videos or panorama videos found on YouTube. The QR code and video sources can be found in Google.

EAN: 5904551414147

Package Dimensions: 8.5 x 6.3 x 4.6 inches

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