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Brand: Brinno

Color: Black


  • 64x46x106mm, 140g (whout AA batteries), Black color
  • High performance HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light!
  • Interchangeable Lens, chose the lens you want
  • TLC 200 Pro Captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video
  • Unlike DSLR cameras, the TLC200 Pro creates the AVI file in the camera so it is instantly available with no post-processing required

Details: Product description The Brinno TLC200 PRO will record for months on its 4 AA batteries, while saving your Time Lapse Video to the SD Card. No stitching thousands of frames together in post processing. Anyone can now create High Definition Time Lapse Videos, any time, any place. The Brinno TLC200 PRO is built with a HDR ( High Dynamic Range ) image sensor making the creation of high quality Time Lapse Videos a snap, even in low light situations where other cameras miss details. Stunningly simple to use, simply stunning results. Yes, the Brinno TLC200 PRO instantly produces high quality videos which are compressed into smaller files making playback on smart phones*, with the Brinno ABR100, a snap and making them easy to easy share with the world. With the TLC200 Pro's CS-mount interface, you can always choose a suitable lens for your needs. Turn your TLC200 PRO into a Construction Camera with world record class, long term battery life... 40 days while taking a photo every 5 minutes at the Daylight Scene setting. The new TIMER function allows you to program when the camera will wake up and begin recording and when it will shut off. You now have complete control without needing to be there to turn the camera on. Set it forget it. - High performane HDR video sensor, capture Time Lapse video in any light! - Awesome low light recording and sharper images. - Sharper, brighter images with this aspherical glass lens. - TLC200 Pro captures and converts thousands of photos into a Time Lapse video. - Don't like the lens included? Fine, choose the lens you want. - A wider area can be recorded creating panoramic images! Lens system -Field of view (FOV) angle: 112° -Rotating: Y -Rotating direction: Vertical -Angle of rotation: 120° -Closest focusing distance: 0.4 m -Fixed aperture: 2 mm -Interchangeable lens: Y -Lens mount interface: Legal Disclaimer no

Package Dimensions: 7.1 x 3.8 x 3.0 inches

Languages: Italian, German, French, English, Spanish

Binding: Electronics

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