FilterBuy 16x25x5 Amana Goodman Coleman York FS1625 Compatible Pleated AC Furnace Air Filters (MERV 8, AFB Silver).

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Brand: Filt

Color: Merv 8


  • FilterBuy 16x25x5 MERV 8 Whole House Air Filter Replacement (Pack of 4 Filters). Actual size 15 3/8 x 25 1/2 x 5 1/4. Manufactured by FilterBuy in the USA using 100% American made components. Save big on a premium product by purchasing directly from the manufacturer.
  • Designed to replace Amana, Coleman, Electro-Air, Five Season, Gibson, Nordyne, Totaline, and York part #'s FS1625, M1-1056, MU1625, 9183950. Also replaces BDP MACPAK16.
  • Fits housing part numbers ABB1625, AMU1625, FILBBCAR0016, FILBBFT0016, FILBBFTC0016, FILCCCAR0016, FILCCFTC0016, KEAFL0201014, CEMU1625, CENC1625, EABB1625, EAMU1625, EANC1625, BB1625, MU1625, NC1625, GBB1625, GMU1625, N-NC1625, P102-BB14A, P102-MF14A, P102-NC14A, YNC1625 and more.
  • MERV 8 AFB Silver. Say goodbye to dust, debris, lint, pollen, and pet dander. Say hello to better indoor air quality!
  • Designed to last up to 6 months. Ideal for residential and commercial use. Filter frames are made of beverage board, which stays strong through humidity and temperatures up to 200° F. Synthetic media provides significantly higher particulate efficiency than standard cotton media.


This Amana 16x25x5 replacement furnace filter is a MERV 8 (AFB Silver) aftermarket replacement filter manufactured by FilterBuy in the USA, using 100% USA components.

Nominal size of 16x25x5. Actual dimensions are 15 3/8" x 25 1/2" x 5 1/4"

These filters are designed to replace Amana part #s FS1625, M1-1056, MU1625, 9183950.

This AFB Silver MERV 8 replacement filter is designed by AFB to last 6 months. The filters ship directly from the manufacturer to your doorstep, allowing AFB the ability to offer a premium product at a reasonable price.

Each quantity purchased is for a Pack of 4 MERV 8 filters.

Note that AFB 16x25x5 Amana replacement filters come in AFB Silver (Merv 8), AFB Gold (Merv 11), and AFB Platinum (Merv 13). The most commonly used filter for home or businesses is the AFB Silver (Merv 8). If you have pets or allergies we recommend the AFB Gold (Merv 11). If you have asthma or other respiratory illness, we recommend the Merv 13.

100% made in the USA using all USA materials. FilterBuy: Breathe Better!

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