PROSHIP XL EXTRA LARGE 90x60cm Digital 350Kg / 700lb x 100g / 0.2lb Increments Heavy Duty Industrial Postal Postage

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Brand: ABCON Scales & Balances

Color: Silver / Stainless Steel


  • Only Scale in its Class To Have Selectable Auto and Peak Hold - USB Output
  • Extra Large Platform (90 x 60cm / 35.5 x 23.5 inch) reinforced Stainless Steel platform
  • 4 x High Performance Load Cells for Optimum Accuracy & Performance (others often use a single low performance low quality load cell from a bathroom scale in the middle of the platform!) -- Large Easy To Read 1 inch high LCD display
  • UNIQUE ANY WEIGHT CALIBRATION SYSTEM - unique software allows you to use any object for which you know the weight (kg or lb) for easy and quick recalibration!

Details: The ultimate & latest generation 350kg platform scale ideal for serious Amazon or internet sellers, small & large businesses, warehouse, the office and Vets. Perfect for weighing just about any size of parcel, small to very large heavy boxes, and designed to suit your needs perfectly. Accurately weighs from 0-350kg (0-700lb) in 100g increments (0.2lb). This scale is an asset for any business. Unique Features:- No other scale in it's class has the following features: * EXTRA LARGE 90cm x 60cm / 35.5" x 23.5" reinforced Stainless Steel platform * Any Weight Calibration system* (see below why this is so special) Other Features Include:- * Illuminated/Backlight Display (makes reading easier in dark environments and can set to be permanently off) * Removable washable anti-slip rubber protective mat * Dynamic Weighing - Ideal for Gradual Filling or VET / Animal Use * Hold Feature (ideal for weighing very large boxes which may hide display or unbalanced objects) * Programmable Auto and Peak Hold (Can turn Auto and Peak Hold On or Off) * Selectable Anti-Shock Range, Filter Range and Filter Time * * Programmable Auto Power-off (to save energy when not in use) * Large LCD Display, 1" high, with "negative weight", lb., kg., TARE and Zero displays * 4 x High Performance Load Cells for Optimum Accuracy & Performance * Extra long 1.5m cord on mountable display for perfect, quick installation on any table or wall * Remote display fitted with angle adjustable mounting bracket * Digital auto calibration * Runs on batteries (4 x Regular AAA - not included) * Runs on mains using AC adapter (included) * Aluminium damage resistant remote display with splash proof surface * USB Output (useful to send data to shipping software) * Adjustable feet to get perfect level, 2 built in wheels to aid repositioning and carrying handle * 5 years warranty (register online) * Reads in lbs Pounds and kg Kilos * Excellent for shipping / receiving, spot checking, refrigerant and more * Extra Durable "Heavy Duty" design * Digital scales don't like getting cold, avoid under @5°C or getting too hot over 30°C Any Weight Calibration® system* Usually after time and use, or relocation to a different altitude or gravitation, scales lose their accuracy requiring that you purchase special expensive test weights or send away for recalibration. Not so with this new scale. It's unique software allows you to use any object for which you know the weight (kg, lb or oz) for easy and quick recalibration! This could be, for example, items purchased and weighed at the deli or meat counter, or packs of sugar, coins or cans of drink you have already had weighed for you in the supermarket or on the market. Large capacity scales like this model are generally not recommended for weighing objects under a few kg, most regular and business users tend to purchase a POSTSHIP or similar smaller increment scale as well so to cover most potential requirements. Please note that the stainless steel platforms are hand formed for performance and quality, so there can be the occasional marks or imperfections on corners, edges / sides of the platform, this is perfectly normal.

Release Date: 18-07-2018

Package Dimensions: 44.1 x 29.5 x 4.7 inches

Binding: Office Product

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